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Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration In Dallas

9/13/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration In Dallas A fire disaster in Dallas can cause serious damage to your house.

Fire And Smoke Damage

A fire disaster in Dallas can cause serious damage to your house. The resultant flames, smoke, heat, and even water can have permanent repercussions on the structure and many of your items. The contents that survive fire damage may sustain extensive smoke damage in exchange. The firefighters may also cut holes in the walls or roof when putting out the flames, leaving you with a massive cleanup job.

Time and patience are crucial when dealing with any form of fire damage in Dallas. Once the fire fighting crew leaves, SERVPRO can come in and initiate the restoration process. We have highly skilled, IICRC-trained technicians that are on standby in case of an emergency. Using special smoke cleanup and restoration techniques, we can restore your property to preloss conditions, "Like it never even happened."

When the fire calms down, the resultant smoke damage appears in the form of discolored walls, charred items, or soot and ash on the floor. In some cases, other side effects such as smells can remain behind, presenting health risks to the occupants. It is important to keep in mind that some signs of smoke damage can show almost immediately while others take several hours (sometimes days) after the event to manifest.

Within a few days of smoke and fire damage, walls and flooring may turn yellow (although this yellowing effect does not show right away). Warping and discoloration can also occur on wood and plastic surfaces/appliances. Metal hardware tends to rust and corrode away several hours after a fire. If you have tiles, counter tops, or any other surface with porous stone such as travertine, granite, or marble, the acidic residue in soot can cause them to discolor permanently.

Certain surfaces, especially fabric items, may show both visible signs of fire damage and smoke odor. Smoke releases tiny carbon particles into the air that, when deposited, are known as soot. The first step SERVPRO takes to reduce the smell of a fire is getting rid of this smoke deposit or soot.

In addition to these tiny particles, smoke also contains various components that contribute to the unbearable smell that lingers after fire damage. These include toxic gases and vapors. Vapors are misty droplets that can be poisonous upon absorption or inhalation. Toxic gases come in different forms. Carbon monoxide is the most common toxic gas in a fire disaster. Household products such as plastics, vinyl, and other materials containing chlorine produce phosgene during combustion. Carpets, synthetics, clothing, and carpets release hydrogen cyanide when burning.

The smell that follows smoke damage penetrates different materials after some time. Unless a professional fire damage restoration company cleans up and deodorizes these items properly, the smoky smell may remain for a long time. SERVPRO technicians can pinpoint the source of the odor and neutralize it accordingly.

Do not leave your property to fate when a fire disaster comes knocking. SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas is a part of your community and can arrive promptly to reverse the fire damage. Call us anytime at (214) 361-7887!

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Professional Assistance for Dealing with Flood Damage in Your Dallas Home, Today

9/8/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Professional Assistance for Dealing with Flood Damage in Your Dallas Home, Today The professionals at SERVPRO can help you prepare and minimize the effects from a tropical storm.

We wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to homeowners throughout the Dallas area. It is important for you to understand that qualified professionals are available to assist you in recovering from any emergency situation that might occur on your property, including flooding that many of us face today. 

You are not alone, as storms wreak havoc throughout the state, you can help flood damage victims in Dallas, and the surrounding area. Help others receive answers to flood damages, and other problems in a fast, effective manner. Additionally, you can visit our website anytime to assist with relief efforts by donating to help The American Red Cross make a difference in people’s lives affected by Tropical Storm Harvey. 

A team of SERVPRO professionals stand ready to assist; we give you access to IICRC-industry certified professionals, advanced equipment, and vast resources that make your restoration as stress-free as possible. Our entire Green Fleet is stocked and ready to deploy at a moment’s notice, we can address any situation you face and work hard to ensure a successful recovery.

If you have yet to feel the effects of Hurricane Harvey and want to strengthen your home’s resolve, we can help. SERVPRO technicians have several years of experience providing homeowners with quality solutions. Our team can help adjust yard grading, inspect your gutters and downspouts, roofing, and basement or crawl spaces for problems and install additional drains, backflow valves, or sump pumps to help keep water away from your home.

Taking the proper steps can make protecting your home easier, never hesitate to ask for help. SERVPRO technicians are trained to assist with major storm events and are ready to answer your call, now. We are locally owned and operated, offering cleanup and restoration services, proudly serving our local community with additional resources in its time of need.

Notify SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas for assistance with flood damage restoration. We are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, working non-stop until everyone gets the help they need, call today. (214) 361-7887

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Flood Damage From Appliances in Your Dallas Home

8/15/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Flood Damage From Appliances in Your Dallas Home If you come home to flooded floors from a failed appliance in your home, call SERVPRO.

Steps to removing water and drying your home after a failed appliance causes a flood

Most flooding problems in homes come from the inside, rather than from a rising creek or river. In many of these cases, the problem results from a failed dishwasher or a split intake hose for a clothes washer.

Appliance flood damage in a Dallas home sounds simple, but the truth is very different. A failure of either of these machines can drop over five gallons of water on the floor every hour. SERVPRO knows that if this happens in the morning after everyone leaves for work, that means an entire, three-bedroom room can be under an inch of water before the homeowner or renter walks in to find a disaster.

The only advantage to dealing with flooding from such an inside source is that it is clean water. There is no contamination to have to worry about, so there is no need for special protective gear and since cleaning the surfaces is not required, the overall time necessary for the job is far less as well.

The first step we take is to stop the flow of water. If a resident has not turned off the water main, we do it immediately after arriving on the property.

Next, we get to work removing standing water. For any amount over an inch, we start with commercial grade water pumps. These machines can empty out an average home in an afternoon, allowing us to bring in more equipment and inspect for damage to floors, carpets, and walls. If the power is out, we bring in our generators for uninterrupted electrical support.

If there is no permanent damage, we draw out remaining water trapped on carpets and floors. Technicians use extraction wands which are designed to bring out the water without harming wood surfaces or damaging the nap of the rug. This part of the job is more time-consuming and can take up to a full day or more.

With the water removed, we now lower the moisture levels in the surrounding air. To do so, we use dehumidifiers to draw moisture out of the air. Each device can remove over twenty gallons every day depending on the humidity and size of the dehumidifier we use. We perform this task to prevent the possibility of rot or mold growth in the walls and floors.

Drying out your home is not an easy process, but the right restoration company can do it quickly and safely. SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas has decades of experience helping our neighbors put their homes back together after a flood. If you need our help, call today at (214) 361-7887.

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Mold Damage Symptoms in Dallas

8/4/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage Symptoms in Dallas When you find mold in your home, the infestation is probably much more than what you see. Call SERVPRO to investigate and remediate.

SERVPRO Technicians Figure Out the Cause of the Infestation Before Beginning the Remediation Process on Mold in Your Home

Even when residents find evidence of mold, many of them ignore it or try to cover it up. Most people believe that a little mold is not a problem and can be covered up with paint. This belief is wrong and dangerous to the overall safety and integrity of a home’s structure.

After decades of experience in the Dallas area, SERVPRO knows what mold damage can do to a home. Each year, millions are spent to clean out mold growths and to restore or repair damage to structural and personal property. Mold damage is slow to cause a problem, but it also goes unnoticed for months.

By the time homeowners first see or smell it, there is the possibility of contamination which has permanently compromised drywall, paneling and even supporting frames. When this happens, our technicians quickly isolate the affected area. We seal off entry points with plastic sheeting and the air conditioning vents to prevent accidental spread of loose mold spores in the air. A variation of this first step is needed for every home we clean or restore.

Removing affected property is simple, but time-consuming. Our technicians carefully pull out drywall, ceiling tiles where the mold has grown into the items. To prevent a spread of the contamination, we break down panels into a size that can be bagged and taken out of the home. We dispose of it according to Texas State and Federal regulations.

For contaminated structural supports, we install temporary jacks and other support devices at key points. Once they are in place, technicians use claw hammers and crowbars to remove the mold infested wood. We remove and dispose of it in the same manner as the ceiling tiles and other building materials. Depending on the extent of what we remove, replacement usually takes no more than two or three days.

Stopping and removing mold from your home is a process that needs to begin at the first sign of a problem. Regardless of how far the mold may have grown, SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas is here with the experience and training needed to restore your home to its original condition. Call today at (214) 361-7887 for an inspection and estimate.

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Mold Remediation That Protects Your Dallas Area Business

7/18/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Mold Remediation That Protects Your Dallas Area Business Dallas Shops Benefit from SERVPRO Mold Remediation While Remaining Open

SERVPRO Keeps Coffee Houses Open in Dallas During Mold Abatement

A seriously large portion of the population within our society starts their day with a cup of joe, which makes running a coffee shop and offering excellent service an extraordinary endeavor.
You get to interact with a huge variety of people, provide snacks, and everyone’s favorite. Having mold damage in your Dallas area coffee shop can expose your customers to a variety of health risks, damage equipment, stored assets, equipment, and even get into the coffee.
If you have a relationship with a qualified restoration company, like SERVPRO, you gain valuable insight that helps prevent extensive damage, corrosion, and contamination that can severely affect your business. Something as simple as a roof leak can lead to extensive damages that you might not even see, until it is too late, causing you to close your doors until performing the right remediation services.
Given the right environment, mold spreads along your walls, ceiling, and floor, your entire serving area, may be affected. With enough time, mold can reach appliances such as your espresso machines, hot chocolate dispensers, coffee brewers, presses, coffee-urns, warmers, grinders, and more. All of which SERVPRO can help you recover, returning your business to normal operations and preventing loss.
Besides basic equipment that you use to operate your coffee shop, SERVPRO can assist with restoring your floors, furniture, tables, countertops, and light fixtures all found in your lounge and serving area. Our fast response provides you with a variety of services that help boost your chances of achieving quality results, giving you the best chance at remediation.  

We can assist with salvaging stored items, protecting assets, and reduce the time it takes to perform your mold remediation. By physically removing contaminated materials, handling everything carefully, and making adjustments to your indoor air quality, our services can improve the quality of the environment you provide to your customers.  
Contact SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas for immediate attention, quality remediation, cleaning, and repair services that far exceed your expectations. We are on call 24/7 to assist you, call today. (214) 361-7887

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Flood Damage Insurance Policy For Your Dallas Area Home

7/7/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage Insurance Policy For Your Dallas Area Home Clogs, leaks, or broken pipes, release hundreds of gallons of water into your home within minutes.

Flood Damage Insurance

You carry auto insurance, life insurance, pet insurance, home insurance, and even pay for appliance warranties, yet you fail to protect your home against costly water line damage or in-home plumbing emergencies.

Pipes in the attic of your Dallas area home can cause flood damage that you might not recover from easily. Clogs, leaks, or broken pipes, release hundreds of gallons of water into your home within minutes. Whether the leak is large or small, over time, it can affect unprotected building materials, insulation, and the structural stability of your home.

Do you know how old the water lines in your attic are? The average lifespan of a water pipe in your home is 20-years, with the majority of homes throughout the United States containing water lines older than 47-years. Knowing the age of your pipes can help you assess whether professional assistance from a company like SERVPRO is necessary.

However, having an expertly trained flood damage specialist from SERVPRO perform an inspection never hurts. You may have water lines from your water heater running through your attic that distributes hot water throughout your home. If even one of these lines has a problem, you can find yourself dealing with extensive flood damage. Thinking that you are safe because you purchased a new home can leave you ill-prepared for what might happen as well.

Your ventilation system also poses extreme problems when not maintained properly. The condensation lines or drain pan of your HVAC system receive damage over time, and major malfunctions in the unit can send water spewing everywhere, without warning. All it takes is a single leak to cause excessive damage; it never hurts to make preparations to deal with these types of problems.

You should look at calling SERVPRO like having a flood damage insurance policy that helps protect your home against accidents that might happen. We provide you with valuable information to maintain a safe, healthy home for your family. Giving you an opportunity to catch issues before they become major problems and access to someone who can be there for you should a disaster occur.

Contact SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas for additional information about available services or to schedule your home inspection, today (214) 361-7887.

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Water Damage in Your Dallas Kitchen Cabinets

6/19/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage in Your Dallas Kitchen Cabinets If the source of the damage is found and repaired promptly, your kitchen cabinets can be dried and saved.

Don't Let Your Kitchen Cabinets Drown in Water Damage

One of the most problematic parts of your home, when they have been water damaged, are your kitchen cabinets. When damp, cabinets are the perfect place for mold growth. Many times, since cabinetry is expensive, particle board is used as an alternative building material. It is one of the lowest quality building materials on the market for cabinets and can create a nightmarish situation if particle board on the interior experiences exposure to water.

There are a variety of situations that can cause water damage to the cabinets in your Dallas home. Burst pipes inside the wall behind the cabinet and leaky pipes from a sink drain are just a couple of problems that can arise. If detected early, pipe leaks cause the least amount of damage. Burst pipes or flooding can saturate a cabinet totally, sometimes making it irreparable.

Regardless of the reason for the water damage in your kitchen cabinets, the problem needs to be fixed right away, which is where the professionals at SERVPRO come in. We not only find and correct the problem which caused the water damage but also dry the affected cabinets out. Alternatively, if they are so saturated that they cannot be saved, we work with other professionals to get them replaced.

In most cases, the responsible issue for the water damage is not a simple fix. Water travels fast, and it is not likely that the only part of the problem is the one you can easily see. With corroded pipes, for instance, there is a high probability that the pipe is corroded in other places which are not exposed. We search for the problem from the stem up and ensure that adequate repairs are made so that you do not continue to have the same issues in the coming months.

If the source of the damage is found and repaired promptly, your kitchen cabinets can be dried and saved. It is typical for us to remove the cabinets affected so we can implement proper drying of your structure, and put them back when everything is completely dry. We also check your flooring and subflooring, and certain sections of drywall which may have absorbed water and need to be removed or replaced.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

You can rest assured that when you call us at SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas to repair the water damage to your kitchen cabinets that the job is done thoroughly and your kitchen left in its state before the loss happened. You can reach us easily by dialing (214) 361-7887 any time you need.

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Mold Damage Remediation Services Available In The Dallas Area

6/5/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage Remediation Services Available In The Dallas Area Even if the only mold you find on your property is completely dry, it is important to have a trained professional perform your remediation.

SERVPRO is Available in the Dallas Area to Remediate Your Mold Property 

Mold on your property can come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. However, there can also be mold that is invisible to the naked eye, making mold contamination considerably hard to diagnose without the right equipment.

Just having the right conditions allows mold to grow anywhere on your property. Whether it is clear and sunny, or cloudy and rainy mold damage can occur in your Dallas area home. Fungus or mold has obtained a rather bad reputation over the years. However, the truth is, that mold is no more damaging than fire, or water. In fact, water itself is a major element mold needs to grow.

Mold is a fungus that occurs naturally within our environment. Our eco-system uses these microscopic organisms to process decomposing materials. Without mold, many forms of antibiotics, vitamins, and other medical solutions used today would be impossible.

Our expert mold remediation specialists at SERVPRO provide you with a variety of services that make locating and controlling mold found in your home easier. While also helping you avoid creating the conditions that need to exist for regrowth to occur. You should begin by having our technicians perform a full inspection of your property. You may notice some problems, while our technicians find larger issues hiding just out of sight.

SERVPRO technicians understand where mold might begin. Starting with locating water sources found in your home that can cause mold to get out of control. Water issues including from plumbing leaks, excessive condensation on your windows, and HVAC system drain off can cause mold growth in your home. Many of the materials used to build your home serve as a food source, so, anywhere that you find excessive or constant moisture adds the final ingredient mold needs to spread.

Even if the only mold you find on your property is completely dry, it is important to have a trained professional perform your remediation. Dry mold spreads microscopic mold spores through the air that you cannot see, leading you to spread contamination to other areas and cause more problems. SERVPRO’s expert team utilizes air movers and negative-airflow machines in combination with HEPA filters to trap microscopic spores and get mold growth under control.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

If you have a mold issue forming on your property, contact SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas today. (214) 361-7887

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Preparations Necessary To Combat Fire Damage On Your Dallas Area Property

5/23/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Preparations Necessary To Combat Fire Damage On Your Dallas Area Property Fires happen all of the time.

Combat Fire Damage

It may seem like a lot, but putting forth the effort to maintain invoices and records for expensive items found in your home can help you significantly during an emergency. Fires happen all of the time, anyone who thinks that their home is not at risk, is often left unprepared and stunned when incidents occur.

You can prepare yourself and your family for the risks associated with fire damage on your Dallas area property to make dealing with this type of situation a lot easier. Taking the proper precautions often saves your property from total loss, reduces costs associated with repairs, and maximizes the relief you receive from your insurance provider.

There are three things you should do when you find yourself facing this type of incident. Start with calling local authorities (911) while getting you and your family to safety, contact your insurance company to explain the situation, and notify SERVPRO to begin the fire damage restoration process as soon as possible.

Having a single trusted restoration company to evaluate the condition of your property after an emergency strikes give you more flexibility to fix damages that may occur, SERVPRO handles every aspect of your restoration from start to finish. You don't need to contact multiple contractors, schedule workers, or assemble supplies to get things under control; we do all of that for you.

It is your job to keep your family safe, communicate concerns to your SERVPRO representative, and let our specialists provide you with the services you deserve to help return things to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible. We help you fill out your claims paperwork and put your mind at ease during a very trying time.

We also make it attainable for you to turn a disastrous situation into an opportunity for improvement. Our technicians make recommendations for avoiding incidents like this in the future and often meet or even exceed any expectations you may have concerning the services we provide.

Give SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas an opportunity to provide you with the services you deserve to get back on your feet following an emergency situation occurs on your property; we are waiting for your call (214) 361-7887.

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Expertly Trained Water Removal Specialists Available In The Northwest Dallas Area

5/8/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Expertly Trained Water Removal Specialists Available In The Northwest Dallas Area Basement flooding occurs far more often than you might think.

Water Removal Specialists

Basement flooding occurs far more often than you might think. Often leaving homeowners to face issues that they simply do not know how to deal with correctly. You may even become tempted to wait, hoping that the problem goes away on its own.

However, waiting is never the correct answer to any problem that exists in your Northwest Dallas home. Besides, water removal services are too readily available for you to avoid making the call. Not to mention the extent of secondary damages that could develop if you make the decision to wait for a miracle. You can easily find out why your basement has flooding issues by contacting a quality environmental solution company, like SERVPRO. Aside from offering quality water removal services and expertly trained personnel, they can help you locate the real problem and provide you with the services you need to get things under control quickly.

At SERVPRO we often find that basement flooding is the result of homes built in unsuitable locations. Grading services can help prevent water drainage issues and flooding frequency that results from erosion over time, making this service a simple fix. SERVPRO technicians also experience situations where blocked gutters, roof damage, or improperly installed drainage systems cause flooding on your property. With the installation of additional drain lines, backflow valves, and sump pumps, we can help keep your basement water-free.

Should you require water removal services in your home, we have the expertly trained technicians and advanced equipment necessary to tackle any size job. Our technicians are IICRC certified, follow EPA and OSHA standards for handling your situation correctly.  We have everything from hand-held to truck mounted water extractors, fast drying equipment, and advanced infrared cameras available to help locate hidden moisture and get things under control quickly. We work hard to ensure your safety and provide you with the services you deserve.

SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas has technicians available 24/7, year round, waiting to respond to your call for help. We manage emergency situations that occur on your property and work hard to make the process as stress-free as possible. Call today for more details (214) 361-7887.

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