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Restoring Water Damage in Your Dallas Church

9/13/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Restoring Water Damage in Your Dallas Church Dallas Buildings Large and Small Benefit from Commercial Water Loss Mitigation from SERVPRO

Dallas Properties Benefit from SERVPRO's Expertise and Equipment for Water Loss Mitigation

With the modern approach to most new churches throughout the Dallas area, the traditional structures with their original furniture and sanctuary elements can get found less and less. These buildings are also very susceptible to the elements and interior concerns like plumbing breaks. This fact is due in part to the age of their construction, but also due to the materials used in the network of plumbing throughout the facility.

There are many concerns about water damage throughout your Dallas traditional church. Preserving the original materials used in the construction of this building can be challenging to those without the appropriate experience or equipment, however. Lingering moisture and dampness can warp and distort flooring and furniture, and after only a brief period, can render it unsalvageable. Choose to react to the situation quickly and reach out to our emergency response team at SERVPRO.

Hardwoods are a common component to older churches throughout the area, and moisture and pooling water from a plumbing break can present acute damages quickly to these materials. Flooring is particularly susceptible for absorbing as much of the water as it can in the affected area, bloating and warping the wood. With a fast reaction to the problem, and working to shut down the supply of water to the church quickly to prevent prolonged damages, our SERVPRO professionals can work to pull out the moisture from this saturated material via dehumidification equipment and drying mats to save the hardwood.

Moisture and leak detection equipment can help our technicians verify the precise location of the break in the plumbing to minimize the removal of the wall material and isolate the areas needed to repair the problem and to dry out the wall cavity. Our equipment can also help us to determine lingering moisture to ensure that we fully dry out the area to prevent secondary effects like mold growth.

Preserving your church is a matter of trusting in the right professionals to carefully restore the damage. You can count on our SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas water damage specialists to respond quickly and help you to overcome the effects that threaten your church. Give us a call anytime at (214) 361-7887.

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What You Can Do When A Severe Thunderstorm Floods Your Dallas Garage

9/6/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage What You Can Do When A Severe Thunderstorm Floods Your Dallas Garage It is imperative for you to call for professional help as soon as you find the flood damage inside of your Dallas home.

What To Do When A Thunderstorm Floods Your Garage

Owning a garage is an excellent solution for a lack of storage inside of your home; however, they are not precisely protected from the elements and can sustain flood damage during a severe storm. Heavy rainfall can bring floods, and the rushing water can rise underneath the door of your garage and seep into your belongings and storage. Antique furniture, paintings, old photographs, and stored clothing can all become threatened as the water makes its way inside.

When situations like this occur, it is imperative for you to call for professional help as soon as you find the flood damage inside of your Dallas home. Swiftly taking action can help prevent damages that are not repairable, as water-based damage is often time-sensitive. Drying out the contents of your garage and lowering the moisture levels can keep the antiques in your garage in sound condition.

When you get in touch with SERVPRO, our IICRC-certified technicians can swiftly travel to your home, aiming to be there within hours. SERVPRO can use equipment such as powerful wet/dry vacuums and submersible pumps to remove the standing water from your garage. Depending on the volume, our technicians can even bring truck-mounted equipment that can take on hundreds of gallons of water.

Once the standing water has been removed from your garage, SERVPRO can focus on unboxing your stored belongings. We can send them to our facility to be dried before repacking them. We can set up dehumidifiers and air movers around your antiques, creating an environment that can help draw the excess moisture away from their structure.

Additionally, we can also use thermal imaging to search for any water that may be trapped in the walls of your garage and then set up a drying system to make sure that the water does not cause future complications. One of our main goals here at SERVPRO is to leave you feeling "Like it never even happened."

If a severe storm causes flood damage to your property, never stop and delay. Phone SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas by dialing the number (214) 361-7887. Day or night, 24/7, we're always available to take the job.

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Dangers of DIY Restoration for Fire Damage In Your Dallas Home

8/23/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Dangers of DIY Restoration for Fire Damage In Your Dallas Home Dallas House Fire Damage? Don't DIY--Call SERVPRO for Cleanup and Restoration

Dallas Homeowners Often Take on Unnecessary Risks to Cleanup Up Their Properties After a Fire Loss

One of the most troubling things about a disaster in your Dallas home is the uncertainty of when your home can ever look or feel the same again. With a situation like a fire in your residence, you want to correct the effects of this incident as quickly as possible to ensure that you do not allow for the situation to get worse. The temptation is probably high to immediately start to dry and clean or restore your damaged home on your own; there are many concerns that you should know.

As much as you want to save money and do things yourself, your Dallas home often requires professional restoration services following fire damages.  There are too many variables and threats that exist within the house that the average homeowner is ill-prepared to face. Our SERVPRO team of professionals can respond quickly and help to mitigate further damages while we prepare a plan to restore your home.

One of the most significant risks that a homeowner faces, once their home is affected by fire damages, is environmental exposure. With dirt, debris, and smoke circulating throughout the air in the affected areas of your house, these contaminants to the atmosphere can lead to illness or breathing concerns for an individual without the appropriate protective equipment. Our technicians have the safety gear to prevent exposure in hazardous areas such as full-face respirators or even SCBA breathing tanks to get to work on making the environment less hazardous.

Another potential concern for the homeowner after a fire has gotten extinguished is a weakening of structural components and construction materials. It is not at all uncommon for ceilings to collapse, floors to give way, or walls to fall over. This risk is one that our SERVPRO professionals assume as we seek to begin the restoration process, but not one that you should.

As tempting as it might be to save yourself the cost of restoration, most homeowners would find that to restore their home to their insurance company’s standards adequately, they need professional and experienced specialists. Our SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas team is available 24/7 by calling (214) 361-7887.

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Mold Damage Technicians In Dallas Describe How To Assess The Environment

8/15/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage Technicians In Dallas Describe How To Assess The Environment Mold damage can occur because microbes naturally exist throughout your home inside dust particles and in other places.

Technicians Describe How To Assess The Environment

A fungus only needs three things to grow and survive inside a Dallas building. The fungi must have excessive moisture, an organic food source such as wood or paper and temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit to thrive. Mold damage can occur because microbes naturally exist throughout your home inside dust particles and in other places. Once conditions inside your Dallas home reach the ideal range for development, these microbes get activated and form into mold contamination.

Since fungi can cause health problems for some people, our SERVPRO crew takes extra measures to maintain good air quality inside your home. When we go to Dallas and conduct mold damage mitigation services, we come up with a safety plan that will keep our workers and all of the occupants in your residence safe from harmful substances. Everyone that works on the job site has to wear specialized personal protective equipment so that they do not breathe in dangerous particles in the air. Our team shows up at your property equipped with full body plastic suits, full face respirators, along with their hand and foot protection gear.

Microbial growth takes place often in dark areas that you do not look at every day. A slow water leak or one that went unnoticed for a long time are common causes of fungal formation. Once the fungus exists, it grows hyphae that spread across, into and out above the affected surface. The structures often look like small black dots that contain a little white fuzzy substance. The job of the hyphae is to create microscopic spores that the organism uses for reproduction. These spores become airborne and float around the structure until they find a place to settle and contaminate a different section of the house.

The first step to mitigating issues with a fungus is to determine whether or not mold actually exists. Our SERVPRO experts work directly with you the homeowner and find out where you believe the contamination is located. We inspect contents and building materials in your house to see whether mold exists by looking at possibly contaminated materials and by smelling the dwelling to see if foul, musty odors exist. We then find out from you if you have had previous problems with microbial formations or if you experienced a water leak recently. Determining the cause of the fungal development can help prevent issues from returning in the future. If you ever notice black mold forming in your home, call SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas at (214) 361-7887 seven days a week.

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Efficient and Professional Ways to Deal with Water Removal in Dallas

8/7/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Efficient and Professional Ways to Deal with Water Removal in Dallas SERVPRO Equipment and Technicians Can Remove Water and Dry Homes in Dallas--Just Call Us

Water Damage in Dallas Properties Gets Mitigated with Prompt SERVPRO Service

Although it is a useful utility, water becomes a nightmare if it overflows and reaches unintended parts of your Dallas property. This might happen due to several reasons, whether it is a sewer backing up because of blocked lines, a broken drainage pipe or even a leaking sink. What you do after discovering the unintended water intrusion really matters because if left in place, the water can cause different kinds of damages. The best way to mitigate immediate damage and prevent future complications is to involve a professional.

Water removal in Dallas properties is a multi-step process that might involve fixing the source (if it is a minor repair), draining the water and drying the property. Calling SERVPRO is better than handling all these aspects on your own because they can overwhelm you. We send a team to handle the process so that each step of the removal gets sufficient attention. Our team is also able to multitask which helps prevent additional problems. For example, while some team members extract the water, others remove affected items. Cutting down the exposure period prevents other problems like structural damage and mold growth.

Proper removal takes more than just draining water from the visibly affected areas. If there is water inside the walls, proper dying is only possible if special techniques are applied. Our technicians remove the baseboard and drill small holes on one side of the wall. We can circulate warm, dry air into the wall cavities using air movers eliminating the excess moisture.
Draining water trapped under wall-to-wall carpets can be problematic, but our technicians at SERVPRO use proven methods to dry these areas. For example, the technician can 'float the carpet', which is a technique involving placing an air mover under the carpet. The moving air quickens drying and helps eliminate chances of secondary water damage like bad odor or mold from developing. Pulling the carpeting from the tack strips for access can be difficult for the average homeowner. Problems like flapping can cause delaminating of the fiber from the backing. Pumping too much air beneath the carpet might also stretch it. Our technicians have the experience and skills to salvage carpets whenever possible. We always try to restore and not replace water-damaged materials and possessions.

A case of simple interior flooding can cause extensive damage and expense to restore the structure if not correctly handled. Calling SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas helps ensure that proper mitigation steps are taken immediately. You can reach us 24/7 at (214) 361-7887.

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How Experts Fix Bad Odors during Water Removal in Dallas

7/23/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage How Experts Fix Bad Odors during Water Removal in Dallas SERVPRO Freshens Up Your Dallas Home during a Water Damage Service

SERVPRO Can Provide Odor Control Along with Water Removal Services

Flooded properties or those affected by excessive moisture undergo several restoration steps to return to their original state. In addition to the initial water removal and drying, other processes might be necessary to ensure a habitable environment. Combating smells fall under this category of additional remedial procedures. Eliminating odors after flooding is not always easy, but an expert can help take care of the problem.
The expert you choose to restore the effects of water damage in Dallas is better placed to understand why there is a bad odor after your property has been cleaned and dried. Sewage, dead animals, pet waste and trash, can all cause pungent smells. When water floods your property, it can collect any such material present and deposit it in hard-to-reach spaces where it is easy to miss in a casual cleanup. However, most water damage is the result of interior issues with appliances or leaky plumbing. When our SERVPRO technicians handle the cleanup, they rely on their extensive working experience and training to identify such problematic areas.
Our technicians at SERVPRO are trained to use different deodorization procedures to ensure your property regains its natural odors. For example, before identifying the source of the bad smell, the technician can use a masking agent with a pleasant smell. This helps keep your property habitable until the problem is resolved. Tools like Thermal Foggers can also be used to release a dense fog of solvent-based deodorizers into confined spaces. The deodorant particles pair with the odor causing particles neutralizing them.

In case mold or mildew is detected, our technician can use a disinfectant and sanitizer. It is a challenge to eliminate such growth even when hidden inside wall cavities by use of specialized equipment such as Ultra Low Foggers, which inject the antifungal agent directly to the affected area. Depending on the severity of the situation, other equipment like Hydroxyl generators and Ozone machines can also be used. However, the latter might only be applicable when the property is vacant. Waterborne odors have many sources; the best remedy is to extract the water, dry the residual moisture to standard interior levels, and then start with the "nose test."
Call SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas at (214) 361-7887, and our experienced technicians can work with you to find a perfect solution for your problem.

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We Can Handle Fire Damage Situations In Preston Hollow

7/10/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage We Can Handle Fire Damage Situations In Preston Hollow Dealing with a fire in your Dallas home can be a monumental task.

SERVPRO Can Handle Any Fire Damage Situation

Dealing with a fire in your Dallas home can be a monumental task. Cleaning up the mess can be overwhelming and dangerous at the same time. We highly suggest you contact trained and skilled professionals like us for the job. Our techs are well prepared and have the proper tools and equipment to do the job safely and correctly.

Our SERVPRO fire damage team in Preston Hollow can save your property when possible. Plus, using our services may salvage many of your belongings. It is best to act fast because waiting to call us could result in further damage to the structure. You can expect our crew to arrive at your residence on time and ready to work. The technicians first inspect the affected areas so they can assess the damages and prepare to restore your home. After the inspection phase, our IICRC certified fire damage team can employ several methods to remove soot, dirt and smoke residues from the structure and items in the home.

The techniques our team may use can include dry cleaning, wet cleaning, and agitation. Plus, they may use industrial cleansers to remove soot and residues from the floors, walls, and ceilings. Also, the crew may utilize air scrubbers, ozone machines, fans and thermal foggers to eliminate unpleasant smoke odors from the affected areas in the home. Also, the crew can check your HVAC system for trapped smoke residues. If fire residues are present, the team can clean the ducts to help prevent soot and dirt from spreading throughout the structure when the heating and cooling system is in use. Fires vary and may require a variety of different techniques to finish the job. Our SERVPRO technicians are well experienced and can properly restore your home and make it seem like “Like it never even happened.”

If you experience a fire emergency in your home, you can rely on our SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas fire damage team to return your property back its preloss condition whenever possible. We are available 24/7 so call us at (214) 361-7887 day or night. We are close-by and strive to do the job right.

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Professional Mitigation Services for Flood Damage in Dallas Residences

7/8/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Professional Mitigation Services for Flood Damage in Dallas Residences Flooding can happen very quickly and leave you literally under several feet of water. Get to safety and then contact SERVPRO to dry out your home.

Team SERVPRO Quickly Starts the Drying Process After Flooding in Your Home

Once a flood hits your Dallas home, the water spreads through without discrimination, soaking everything thoroughly. Getting things dry again and pathogen-free might seem impossible, but SERVPRO is here to help.
Our IICRC-certified technicians work hard to protect homes from flood damage in Dallas. We remove any remaining water that did not drain away on its own. Our teams set up drying equipment in strategic locations and specific directions to quickly air out and dry the interior materials and spaces of a home after a flood.
To speed up the drying process, we remove any carpeting and padding that became saturated by floodwaters. Removing an enormous amount of water this way, we also gain access to the floor's structure, giving us direct access to the floor itself. We can more efficiently dry components in your home after we remove any barriers. Also, unlike a broken water pipe's contents, floodwaters contain a multitude of contaminants. These destroy any exposed carpeting and make it too costly to restore to a safe condition again. Along with the water, we also strip your home of those pathogens and other problem-causing elements left behind in the dense fibers and backing of your carpet.
Just as floodwaters saturate your carpeting, that same water gets under your floorboards, and also in between your walls, inside them. This water has no place to drain away because the force that pushed it into these spaces no longer exists to push it out again. SERVPRO crews have methods that address both of these situations, and many others.
Along the bottom of walls, where they meet the floor, we remove any existing baseboards and then drill tiny holes. These holes, called weep holes, allow the water to drain away. As it does, we remove it from the floor. Other areas of your floors need particular attention, too, so warping never occurs. Warping can ruin a floor and significantly increase restoration costs.
We apply heated mats that raise the temperature of the floor, so water underneath evaporates. The same mat extracts this water vapor and sends it into a chamber for easy disposal. After the water inside walls drains out completely, the interior can remain damp. We force heated air into the interior with our Injectidry's flexible tubing. To make sure everything in your home reaches normal moisture levels, we test the levels in different materials, including the air.
SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas serves Preston Hollow and the surrounding area, helping homeowners restore their homes “Like it never even happened” after flood damage and other disasters strike. Call our emergency services number, (214) 361-7887 when your home sustains damage – we are always ready to take your call and explain how we can help you.

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Water Removal Actions in Dallas Homes

6/30/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Removal Actions in Dallas Homes When your toilet or sink overflows, the damage can happen almost instantaneously. Contact SERVPRO for effective remediation efforts.

Team SERVPRO Arrives on the Scene Quickly to Dry Out Your Water Damaged Property

Despite some of the incredible storms over the last couple of years, most flooding in Dallas homes comes from very mundane sources like a broken toilet, backed up sink, or a split hose on a clothes washer. Regardless of the source, getting this water out of the home needs to happen quickly and without causing further damage.
SERVPRO restoration offices have the devices and training needed for professional water removal in Dallas homes. Each one keeps a response team on call for 24/7 customer support and ready with the latest in residential, restoration equipment.
When possible, our team leader works with the customer to get pictures of the home before he sets foot on the property. Pictures help him determine what devices and personnel to bring on the initial visit. They also help him determine roughly if the job may take anywhere from one day to a week or longer.
Once on-site, the first item off the truck is normally a pump. Depending on the size of the home and how much water is standing inside it, removal usually takes one or two days, sometimes longer in very large homes or apartment buildings. Pumping out standing water takes care of the majority of it, but some remains.
For smaller amounts of water, our response team switches to extraction wands. These smaller devices are very useful in removing water that only covers the surface an inch or so. When handled by a SERVPRO professional, they also work exceptionally well in drawing water out of carpets and from between the boards of wood floors. The wands we use also house a heating element, so technicians can also start to dry the carpets and floors carefully simultaneously.
For concrete floors in garages and patios, team members generally use long-handled squeegees to push the water off the floor. Although there is no carpet to rot or wood to warp, water left standing too long can work its way into the smallest fracture and force cracks across the surface.
The goal of SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas is to return each home to its original, dry state before water spread across the floors. If you have this situation in your home now or are dealing with the effects of a previous flood, call us at (214) 361-7887 today to schedule an inspection and receive a free estimate. We are here for you.

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Stopping and Removing Mold Damage in Northwest Dallas

6/17/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Stopping and Removing Mold Damage in Northwest Dallas Contact SERVPRO when you see or smell mold in your home. Call right away for best results and thorough remediation.

Thorough Mold Remediation Can Make the Difference in Preventing a Recurrence

For many Dallas homes, a water intrusion can lead to more problems than replacing a broken dishwasher and removing a foul-smelling carpet. The increase in moisture in a home can also result in a mold infestation inside the structure.
The start of mold damage in a Dallas home can begin with a relatively small amount of water. SERVPRO restoration specialists know that a steady drip which goes unnoticed can result in a mold colony that can originate in a laundry room, but spread its way through an entire structure before anyone sees anything. Not every mold gives off that typical ‘musty odor,’ so quickly stopping growth can mean a difference in hundreds of dollars in restoration costs.
The best way to stop mold is to take away its source of moisture. Most leaks or pools of water come from small sources like a leaky faucet connection, or an old, disintegrating washer hose. Our technicians can repair or replace minor plumbing issues like these, but they discover a potentially major problem, the team leader recommends the homeowner bring in a licensed plumber to perform the work.
Once we stop the source, SERVPRO crews can clean-up most water sources in a few hours. Quickly after that, the mold begins to return to an inert state, and the growth stops. At this point, our technicians spray any affected surfaces with an anti-fungal agent to kill the few, remaining active spores.
Next, our crews wipe down all affected surfaces to remove the mold. Unless the layer of the mold is very thick, they can usually accomplish this with a combination of dry sponges and a mild cleaning agent to break up it up for easier removal. For thicker layers, technicians have the option to use vacuums with special HEPA filters that are designed to capture and contain mold.
If the mold had time to grow into a property like paneling or drywall, the only option is to remove the infested items. Our teams carefully pull the affected building materials from the wall framing and remove it from home. If necessary, team members break up and bag the material in plastic to prevent spreading mold spores to unaffected parts of the home. After completing removal, technicians wipe down surfaces in the affected areas to catch any mold that settled out of the air.
At SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas, our goal is not just to stop mold, but to do everything possible to prevent another occurrence as well. If you are dealing with a mold problem in your home, call us today at (214) 361-7887 to schedule an inspection and receive a free, restoration estimate.

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