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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Professional Fire Damage Restoration in Northwest Dallas Properties by SERVPRO

When Northwest Dallas residents need Northwest Dallas residents need fire damage restoration services, SERVPRO stands at the ready to assist them. The technicians are prepared to come to Northwest Dallas properties any time their services are required. SERVPRO techs are available 24/7 to handle fire and smoke damage in both structures and contents. After the initial contact, the technicians arrive at the worksite within a few hours in their fleet service vehicles loaded with all the equipment needed. 

Types of SERVPRO Fire Damage Restoration in Northwest Dallas Properties

SERVPRO knows while it is possible to do regular inspections of a home or business property in Northwest Dallas to avoid fire damage, it is not 100% preventable. Human error such as unattended candles, grease fires, and overloaded electrical outlets make up a fraction of the fire damage in Northwest Dallas properties. Sometimes worn electrical wiring or acts of nature such as a lightning strike can result in the need for house fire cleanup. Water damage is also a part of many fire damage restoration jobs that SERVPRO technicians handle, as shown in the video. First responders use copious amounts of water when putting out a fire, and the water runs down walls, through ceilings, and wicks into walls while it seeps under flooring, causing more damage in Northwest Dallas properties.

Controlled Demo is a Part of Northwest Dallas Fire Damage Restoration Services

The video pans past several types of controlled demolition actions that SERVPRO techs perform in Northwest Dallas properties, such as removing kitchen cabinets, flooring, portions of walls. During the fire damage restoration process, these actions are necessary because building materials with charring or water damage cannot reuse and often hold undesirable fire odors.

Pervasive Smoke Odor Removal in Northwest Dallas Residential and Commercial Properties by SERVPRO

Air quality is a huge concern during fire damage mitigation by SERVPRO in Northwest Dallas properties. During the fire damage restoration services, SERVPRO technicians wear respirators as breathing in soot can irritate some people.

Drying a Fire Damaged Property in Northwest Dallas

When SERVPRO techs need to dry a property undergoing fire damage restoration in Northwest Dallas, it is common to up containment, the plastic sheeting over doorways and vents, as seen in several shots in the video. This stops the spread of airborne soot that can get kicked up during the drying phase of the fire damage restoration services.

During a fire, the hot air expands and can push soot particles deeper into absorbent articles. For example, a favorite upholstered chair in a Northwest Dallas home may have made it through a house fire without any charring but have substantial smoke damage and odors embedded. As stated in the video, SERVPRO technicians have equipment that can eradicate odorous soot particulates and do so at the molecular level. This means that there is zero chance of the fire odors creeping back into the Northwest Dallas home. Frequently seen methods of odor control are the use of hydroxyl generators and thermal fogging units.