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Our Technicians Address The Possibility Of Contaminants In Your Flood Damaged Dallas Home

4/17/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Our Technicians Address The Possibility Of Contaminants In Your Flood Damaged Dallas Home If you ever suffer moisture-related issues after a storm, call SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas at (214) 361-7887 any time of the day.

Flood Damage Workers In Dallas Discuss The Possibility Of Contaminants

During a storm, it is possible that rainwater can saturate several of the building materials and contents inside your Dallas apartment. In some cases, moisture can leak in from your roof and cause your home extensive flood damage. When water comes in from above, it can saturate many of your building materials as it follows gravity to the ground. If the leak is slow, moisture can seep into structural components without you realizing it right away. If items such as the materials that make up your roof stay wet for too long, it is wise to call in a professional flood damage restoration company like SERVPRO.

Any time organic substances such as building materials or contents containing paper or wood get wet, there is a chance fungi can form. Preventing mold growth and other secondary problems is always our SERVPRO technicians' goal when mitigating any flood damage in Dallas. We know that it takes a fungus 48 to 72 hours to develop. Therefore, we work towards drying out any organic materials inside your home within that period. We can accomplish rapid structural drying by changing the atmosphere so that it speeds up the natural evaporation process.

By creating air circulation and removing moisture from the air with specialized equipment, we can dry out building materials rapidly. However, when moisture comes into a structure from the outside, there is always a possibility that it can be contaminated. Rainwater itself could contain harmful bacteria or parasites, so problems are treated differently than issues related to clean water plumbing failures. The rain that gets any of your building materials wet is considered grey water, and the problem is labeled as category two damage.

If the water entering your apartment comes from the ground and is muddy than the possibility of contaminants being present is higher. Dirty water that enters a building is considered a category three problem and gets treated the same way as sewage backups.

Any time there are wet items on the interior of your home after a storm, we take measures to disinfect wet materials to prevent the spread of harmful microbes. If you ever suffer moisture-related issues after a storm, call SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas at (214) 361-7887 any time of the day.

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If Your Dallas Bathroom Experiences A Water Damage Disaster, We Can Help!

4/5/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage If Your Dallas Bathroom Experiences A Water Damage Disaster, We Can Help! Give our skilled crew a call right away at (214) 361-7887 so we can check things out and restore any damage we find before it gets out of hand.

Water Cleanup For Your Dallas Bathroom After A Leak Is Found

A majority of the plumbing joints and pipes in your Dallas home are behind the walls, which makes it difficult to detect water damage signs. You need to pay close attention to things such as moisture on the walls, flooring, and stains which can give you clues for plumbing problems that are out of sight. Do not ignore any leaks around the bathtub or toilet. Unless you fix them right away, they can lead to more significant issues and expensive repairs.

If you suspect that you have a moisture problem in your Dallas home and need water cleanup services, get in touch with a professional remediation company right away. SERVPRO has the equipment and trained staff to be able to help you around the clock. Do not hesitate to reach out, as the longer you do, the more damage your home sustains.

Keeping an eye on your bathroom can help prevent major disasters. The toilet is one of the most vulnerable spots in your residence. Leaks related to your toilet often involve both sewage and clean water, adding to health hazards and the potential damage to your structure. The water lines on your toilet should be frequently checked. Look for leaks around the seat, in the water hose, and underneath the tank. If the floor feels soft, the damage is already going on.

When you have a leak, SERVPRO techs can use special moisture meters to determine the level of moisture in certain materials like drywall and flooring. We also use thermal imaging cameras to inspect and monitor moisture in building materials we work to restore the affected area. If any subflooring or drywall is damaged beyond repair, it is removed and replaced.

Another area to watch for moisture is around your bathtub and shower. A large amount of water is used in these areas daily. If you find any cracked or missing tiles, these need to be replaced immediately, as water can get behind the tiles. Also, if there is any missing grout, this needs to be repaired for the same reason. The caulking joints should also be checked where the walls meet the tub or floor, and if they are cracked, they need to be replaced.

SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas of knows how to find any hidden moisture in your home in Preston Hollow, Northwest Dallas, or Dallas when you believe there is an issue. Give our skilled crew a call right away at (214) 361-7887 so we can check things out and restore any damage we find before it gets out of hand.

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Hey, Dallas Homeowner! Water Loss Mitigation Gets Done by SERVPRO--Real Fast

4/4/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Hey, Dallas Homeowner! Water Loss Mitigation Gets Done by SERVPRO--Real Fast When a Squeegee Isn't Enough for Water Removal from Your Dallas Home or Office--Call SERVPRO Real Fast

The Process of Turning Around Water Damage in Dallas Properties

Many people think that cleaning up after water damage means mopping or throwing down towels on the floor and setting up a fan or two to dry any water the towels or mop did not pick up. One of the main factors affecting the restoration of a structure and contents is the amount of time it was saturated before cleanup efforts began and another important factor is if any residual moisture remains.

Dallas Water Damage Comes in Many Forms

When there is a hot water tank failure, pipe burst or even a leak in a roof allowing rain into the home, the water you can see may be all you assume needs to be cleaned up. The problem can go much deeper. In the case of moisture behind drywall, vapor barriers can hold moisture and become a perfect host for mold growth. When flooring is drenched, the subflooring underneath can retain moisture and cause a host of issues. In almost every circumstance, having your property cleaned professionally by our team at SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas can help you avoid potential repairs or replacement cost from secondary damages.

Our Dallas water damage technicians use several state-of-the-art moisture detection devices including moisture sensors that can show if there is any residual moisture in baseboards, walls or carpeting. Moisture meters are a valuable tool used to determine how much moisture in various materials and how we define when an affected area is truly dry. We can use devices with sharp probes or flat surfaces, depending on the material being checked. Thermal imaging can be used in cases where probes cannot adequately measure the moisture within structures. Color imaging on a small visual screen indicates temperature variations, a possible indication of dampness or water. Thermohygrometers measure humidity, vapor pressure and dew point. This measurement is essential for determining the baseline indoor humidity in unaffected areas of the property so drying goals can be established.

Quick Water Extraction is a Key Element

Sometimes when our water damage restoration team arrives at a local site, often the property owner has done some water clean up before our arrival. What they often find shocking is the amount of water still left in carpeting, furnishings, walls, and flooring. For fast extraction, we utilize the power behind both portable and truck mounted extractors. Weighted extractors are ideal for pushing water out of carpeting and upholstery. For large amounts of water, we can pull it out of a home or business quickly using our truck-mounted pumps. Bottom line: the more thoroughly water is extracted, the faster the home or business dries.

How SERVPRO Dries Properties So Quickly

Our technicians have an array of tools that are often used in tandem to reduce moisture quickly in a property. Our SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas technicians are certified in the science of Psychometry, the study of air and control of moisture content and its effects. This training enables the technicians to choose the right configuration of high-grade air movers, high-velocity axial fans, industrial heaters and dehumidifiers on a case by case basis for the best results. The air movers are vital to the drying process as they are positioned to draw moisture air to the surface and the dehumidifiers eliminate the moisture as it rises. Our goal is to work quickly and cause as little disruption to your home or business as possible during our restoration efforts. Whenever possible, we dry furnishings in place, setting the legs on foil and raised on blocks of wood or dense foam.

Carpeting is not automatically a loss if it has absorbed water. With our extraction methods, we can pull much of the water from within the padding. Using a method such as "floating" where strong currents of air are directed under the carpeting, it can often be dried in place and saved. In the cases where carpeting cannot be dried in place but appears to be restorable, our technicians can suggest removal to a drying facility or to another location at the property. Padding is often discarded, not worth the effort nor the expense to salvage.

In-Plant Restoration Services

There are times contents cannot be dried on-site. In those cases, with the permission of the property owner, our technicians pack and more items for in-plant servicing. In the case of upholstered furnishings or carpeting, both can often be saved through our restoration methods. Our goal is always to restore rather than replace whenever possible, and our specialized restoration techniques for books and papers use the same recovery methods as the Library of Congress for historical documents. Lyophilization has saved many an important document or manuscript.

Leaving No Reminders of Water Damage Behind

Although drying the structure and contents eliminates a good deal of the unpleasant odor, there are additional steps taken to ensure there are no traces left either visually or offend the olfactory sense. Thoroughly hand-cleaning using our proprietary cleaning solutions eliminate bacteria and fungus along with leaving a pleasant, clean scent. In many cases, this is enough to take care of any residual odors left behind.

When the Water Odor is Bigger Than Hand Cleaning Can Handle

While our cleaning methods may banish any lingering odors. Sometimes, the odor left behind requires robust methods to eliminate it. When the scent additive in cleaning products is not enough, another masking agent that works often comes in the form of time-release gel beads. For strong odors, our Odor Control Technicians utilize ultra-low volume fogging. This method uses a solvent that is released as fog, and it changes the makeup of the odor at the molecular level neutralizing it. We can also utilize mechanical means of odor control by stationing HEPA filtered air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators.

Avoiding Mold after Water Damage

Mold is a real concern and our approach to water removal and cleanup addresses making the structure and contents non-supportive for mold growth at every step. Along with lowering moisture, our powerful antifungal cleaning agents leave surfaces unfriendly for mold growth. A common home remedy that gets repeated often is to spray bleach on areas after cleaning. That never addresses mold spores and colonies that have extensive hyphae, root-like structures embedded in porous materials like drywall. SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas provides the correct remedies to inhibit mold proliferation.

Do not take on the task of water removal from your home on your own. Whether it is a little or a lot of water causing you stress, contact SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas, and let our technicians professionally clean and restore your property to its preloss condition. We are proud to serve the City of Dallas, Texas and areas in 75240, 75230, and 75220.

Our Qualified Technicians Are Ready To Restore Your Dallas Fire Damage

3/28/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Our Qualified Technicians Are Ready To Restore Your Dallas Fire Damage When you are faced with a kitchen fire disaster call our experts 24/7, we have the expertise and equipment to handle any damage big or small.

Getting Rid of Protein Residues after Fire Damage in Northwest Dallas

A protein fire is among the most common type of property damages caused by the burning of poultry, meat or fish during a kitchen fire. Although these tend to be contained relatively quickly, and cause minimal structural or permanent damage, protein residues can be unpleasant. At times, proteins may discolor paint works or surfaces. At other times, protein residues are invisible to the naked eye, and only distinguished by a pungent, thick smelling odor.

Properties with Fire Damage in Northwest Dallas rely on services that offer skill, expertise, and efficiency. SERVPRO technicians are local to the area which gives them a unique understanding of the architecture and blueprint of residences. They also hold IICRC certificates in odor control which they can use to restore your property to its preloss condition after a kitchen protein fire.

The thick odorous smells are usually the first cause for concern among homeowners, but the priority in restoring your property is cleaning surfaces. These surfaces are, more often than not, contaminated by protein residues which can spread rapidly throughout the home, not just in the affected area — failure to adequately remove these residues first results in odors returning after the deodorization process.

SERVPRO use proprietary cleaning solutions to help remove greasy textures from all the surfaces in your home before deodorizing. Once your technician is satisfied that the property is clean throughout, we can deploy foggers to clear odor from a large area in a time efficient way. The behavior of deodorizing vapor is also similar to that of smoke and enters the same areas neutralizing odor.

Kitchens often house ventilation shafts or other areas where odors could be residing. Since these areas are difficult to inspect employing various odor control methods can be beneficial. SERVPRO can deploy spray treatments, pellets, and air scrubbers to help tackle protein odors which may be residing in non-accessible areas of your home.

Kitchen fires require professional assistance to get back to preloss conditions, contact SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas at (214) 361-7887.

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Our Water Damage Experts Can Restore Your Home In Dallas To Pre-Damage Condition

3/21/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Our Water Damage Experts Can Restore Your Home In Dallas To Pre-Damage Condition In case of a water spill in your property, call SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas at (214) 361-7887 any time.

How Simple Steps Ensure Convenience During Water Removal In Dallas

Sometimes water loss happens due to simple mistakes during routine procedures such as setting up a newly purchased washing machine. If you fail to hookup the appliance properly, a significant water spill can occur causing damages on the floor, subfloors, and materials in the immediate surroundings. Removing such water fast is crucial. Specific steps taken during the process can increase convenience.

Water soaks into porous materials such as carpets fast complicating the process of water removal in Dallas properties. Drying the water may necessitate removing the carpet, which is a tedious process and there is a risk of damaging the carpet, baseboards or other materials. In-place drying is another viable option, but it takes time and increases the risk of mold development in the property. Our SERVPRO technicians rely on simple approaches such as floating carpets for efficient in-place drying. During this process, we place the air mover vent below the carpet allowing the carpet and the floor below to dry evenly.

Water removal processes can soil the house with debris and other wastes especially if flood cuts or vent holes are necessary to remove water from wall cavities. Cleaning such debris from the property can extend the water removal process. Our SERVPRO technicians rely on simple steps such as covering items with plastic sheets or creating containment zones where they open up wall cavities limiting the areas they soil in the process. Such steps guarantee a quicker conclusion of the removal processes.

Water removal can take days, weeks or even longer especially if it migrates to many sections of the property. A longer wait can be a great inconvenience to the occupants because it might force them to move out of the property. Our SERVPRO technicians take several steps to expedite the process. We use high capacity equipment such as truck mounted water extractors to remove standing water fast. We also use several units of air movers and dehumidifiers to dry wet materials rapidly minimizing the period affected areas remain wet.

In case of a water spill in your property, call SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas at (214) 361-7887 any time. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Flood Damage From Appliances in Your Dallas Home Water Damage Approved

3/7/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Flood Damage From Appliances in Your Dallas Home  Water Damage Approved  If you come home to flooded floors from a failed appliance in your home, call SERVPRO.

Steps to removing water and drying your home after a failed appliance causes a flood

Most flooding problems in homes come from the inside, rather than from a rising creek or river. In many of these cases, the problem results from a failed dishwasher or a split intake hose for a clothes washer.

Appliance flood damage in a Dallas home sounds simple, but the truth is very different. A failure of either of these machines can drop over five gallons of water on the floor every hour. SERVPRO knows that if this happens in the morning after everyone leaves for work, that means an entire, three-bedroom room can be under an inch of water before the homeowner or renter walks in to find a disaster.

The only advantage to dealing with flooding from such an inside source is that it is clean water. There is no contamination to have to worry about, so there is no need for special protective gear and since cleaning the surfaces is not required, the overall time necessary for the job is far less as well.

The first step we take is to stop the flow of water. If a resident has not turned off the water main, we do it immediately after arriving on the property.

Next, we get to work removing standing water. For any amount over an inch, we start with commercial grade water pumps. These machines can empty out an average home in an afternoon, allowing us to bring in more equipment and inspect for damage to floors, carpets, and walls. If the power is out, we bring in our generators for uninterrupted electrical support.

If there is no permanent damage, we draw out remaining water trapped on carpets and floors. Technicians use extraction wands which are designed to bring out the water without harming wood surfaces or damaging the nap of the rug. This part of the job is more time-consuming and can take up to a full day or more.

With the water removed, we now lower the moisture levels in the surrounding air. To do so, we use dehumidifiers to draw moisture out of the air. Each device can remove over twenty gallons every day depending on the humidity and size of the dehumidifier we use. We perform this task to prevent the possibility of rot or mold growth in the walls and floors.

Drying out your home is not an easy process, but the right restoration company can do it quickly and safely. SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas has decades of experience helping our neighbors put their homes back together after a flood. If you need our help, call today at (214) 361-7887.

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Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration In Dallas

3/7/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration In Dallas A fire disaster in Dallas can cause serious damage to your house.

Fire And Smoke Damage

A fire disaster in Dallas can cause serious damage to your house. The resultant flames, smoke, heat, and even water can have permanent repercussions on the structure and many of your items. The contents that survive fire damage may sustain extensive smoke damage in exchange. The firefighters may also cut holes in the walls or roof when putting out the flames, leaving you with a massive cleanup job.

Time and patience are crucial when dealing with any form of fire damage in Dallas. Once the fire fighting crew leaves, SERVPRO can come in and initiate the restoration process. We have highly skilled, IICRC-trained technicians that are on standby in case of an emergency. Using special smoke cleanup and restoration techniques, we can restore your property to preloss conditions, "Like it never even happened."

When the fire calms down, the resultant smoke damage appears in the form of discolored walls, charred items, or soot and ash on the floor. In some cases, other side effects such as smells can remain behind, presenting health risks to the occupants. It is important to keep in mind that some signs of smoke damage can show almost immediately while others take several hours (sometimes days) after the event to manifest.

Within a few days of smoke and fire damage, walls and flooring may turn yellow (although this yellowing effect does not show right away). Warping and discoloration can also occur on wood and plastic surfaces/appliances. Metal hardware tends to rust and corrode away several hours after a fire. If you have tiles, counter tops, or any other surface with porous stone such as travertine, granite, or marble, the acidic residue in soot can cause them to discolor permanently.

Certain surfaces, especially fabric items, may show both visible signs of fire damage and smoke odor. Smoke releases tiny carbon particles into the air that, when deposited, are known as soot. The first step SERVPRO takes to reduce the smell of a fire is getting rid of this smoke deposit or soot.

In addition to these tiny particles, smoke also contains various components that contribute to the unbearable smell that lingers after fire damage. These include toxic gases and vapors. Vapors are misty droplets that can be poisonous upon absorption or inhalation. Toxic gases come in different forms. Carbon monoxide is the most common toxic gas in a fire disaster. Household products such as plastics, vinyl, and other materials containing chlorine produce phosgene during combustion. Carpets, synthetics, clothing, and carpets release hydrogen cyanide when burning.

The smell that follows smoke damage penetrates different materials after some time. Unless a professional fire damage restoration company cleans up and deodorizes these items properly, the smoky smell may remain for a long time. SERVPRO technicians can pinpoint the source of the odor and neutralize it accordingly.

Do not leave your property to fate when a fire disaster comes knocking. SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas is a part of your community and can arrive promptly to reverse the fire damage. Call us anytime at (214) 361-7887!

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Mold Damage Remediation Services Available In The Dallas Area

3/7/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Mold Damage Remediation Services Available In The Dallas Area Even if the only mold you find on your property is completely dry, it is important to have a trained professional perform your remediation.

SERVPRO is Available in the Dallas Area to Remediate Your Mold Property 

Mold on your property can come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. However, there can also be mold that is invisible to the naked eye, making mold contamination considerably hard to diagnose without the right equipment.

Just having the right conditions allows mold to grow anywhere on your property. Whether it is clear and sunny, or cloudy and rainy mold damage can occur in your Dallas area home. Fungus or mold has obtained a rather bad reputation over the years. However, the truth is, that mold is no more damaging than fire, or water. In fact, water itself is a major element mold needs to grow.

Mold is a fungus that occurs naturally within our environment. Our eco-system uses these microscopic organisms to process decomposing materials. Without mold, many forms of antibiotics, vitamins, and other medical solutions used today would be impossible.

Our expert mold remediation specialists at SERVPRO provide you with a variety of services that make locating and controlling mold found in your home easier. While also helping you avoid creating the conditions that need to exist for regrowth to occur. You should begin by having our technicians perform a full inspection of your property. You may notice some problems, while our technicians find larger issues hiding just out of sight.

SERVPRO technicians understand where mold might begin. Starting with locating water sources found in your home that can cause mold to get out of control. Water issues including from plumbing leaks, excessive condensation on your windows, and HVAC system drain off can cause mold growth in your home. Many of the materials used to build your home serve as a food source, so, anywhere that you find excessive or constant moisture adds the final ingredient mold needs to spread.

Even if the only mold you find on your property is completely dry, it is important to have a trained professional perform your remediation. Dry mold spreads microscopic mold spores through the air that you cannot see, leading you to spread contamination to other areas and cause more problems. SERVPRO’s expert team utilizes air movers and negative-airflow machines in combination with HEPA filters to trap microscopic spores and get mold growth under control.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

If you have a mold issue forming on your property, contact SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas today. (214) 361-7887

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We Can Restore Your Dallas Business To Pre-Damage Condition

3/4/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial We Can Restore Your Dallas Business To Pre-Damage Condition If you require our services, call us at (214) 361-7887 today to schedule a visit.

Commercial Flood Damage Cleanup In Dallas

Small business in Dallas is particularly vulnerable to disasters like fire and flood. They do not have the assets of a national network to fall back on, so shutting down for restoration and cleaning for even a week can mean closing their doors permanently.

Commercial flood damage to a Dallas business like a convenience store needs cleaning by a professional restoration company. SERVPRO technicians train extensively to remove water, replace unsalvageable building material, and dry all restorable property.

Most commercial water damage comes from an activated sprinkler or a broken water line. That is treated water, and considered clean, requiring no special efforts to remove it from the business. With flood damage, water comes from outside, usually after a storm. This water is contaminated and can contain soil and other contaminants like pesticides and animal waste. Before starting other efforts, technicians spray the water and all affected surfaces and items to kill any bacteria.

Now, they use pumps and extraction wands to remove the water. The commercial pumps work best with water higher than an inch or two. If the water is only about ankle-deep or lower, technicians start with the extraction wands for more efficient removal. Since this is a convenience store with little or no carpet, SERVPRO team members then force any trace amounts of water out the nearest exit using long-handled squeegees.

Next, one of our inspectors determines if there is any permanent damage to floor trim, paneling, or ceiling tiles. Each of our team members can quickly remove affected building material with a minimum of disruption to the rest of the store.

For equipment that is wet, but otherwise undamaged, our personnel set up fans inside to force the damp air outside. It lowers the humidity and speeds up the normal evaporation process. To further increase the rate of drying, technicians also set-up air movers to force warm, dry air across and under equipment and shelving.

No matter what your business, or how floodwater entered into it, our goal at SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas is to help you reopen so, you can begin supporting your customers once again. If you require our services, call us at (214) 361-7887 today to schedule a visit.

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Let Our Professionals Restore Your Smoke Damaged Home In Dallas After A Fire

2/26/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Let Our Professionals Restore Your Smoke Damaged Home In Dallas After A Fire Call our 24-hour emergency services line, (214) 361-7887, any day of the year.

Cleaning Up the Smoke Residue from Fire Damage in Your Dallas Home's Carport

While your carport might have open sides, smoke and soot from cooking out in your Dallas home's add-on can accumulate. Fires are also possible when flammable liquids placed in storage come in contact with hot coals from the grill.

We help homeowners in Dallas deal with fire damage and how it affects their properties of many different kinds. Soot and residue from smoke, as well as charred areas, and the subsequent odors that linger can all make your home less comfortable for you and less inviting for guests. Getting these areas clean again requires the use of a ladder and working overhead with special agents hat strip surfaces of greasy soot without damaging the structure.

Instead of doing this yourself and spending a weekend laboring away at detailing every nook and cranny, SERVPRO recommends having skilled professionals perform the work. We do this type of work regularly and can save you the hassle of a 'lost weekend' that you could most likely put to better use.

We use specially formulated in-house cleaning agents that break soot and other greasy substances down and make them easier to wipe away without leaving a residue or streaks. The towels we use add to the cleansers' effectiveness and make our work incredibly efficient. Your carport can feel new again, “Like it never even happened.” by the time we finish.

When your tools, sporting equipment, and furniture your carport covers also feel grimy, we can get these cleaned up. The cleaning we do can produce such effective results, the odors you might have noticed disappear along with the soot. Everything looks and smells better after a thorough cleaning with SERVPRO's specialists.

SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas can help restore your carport and any other area of your home affected by fire damage. We're ready to answer your call and give you the answers you need. Call our 24-hour emergency services line, (214) 361-7887, any day of the year.

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