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Using Professional Services for Dallas Mold Damage

3/17/2024 (Permalink)

mold growing in the corner of the room If you find mold in your home, you'll want it removed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Contact SERVPRO immediately for professional services.

SERVPRO® Handles Mold Remediation Effectively

Mold growth is not just a superficial issue but a persistent problem affecting homes and businesses alike. Mold thrives in damp, warm conditions. It is typically caused by water damage from leaks or high humidity. Mold spreading behind the scenes can create significant issues. The first step toward a mold-free environment is recognizing the signs of an infestation.

Identifying Common Mold Problems

Mold damage in Dallas can manifest in various ways, impacting a property. Some specific challenges include:

  • Staining on walls and ceilings.
  • Deterioration of carpeting, loose wallpaper, and wood.
  • Lingering musty odor.

The Impact of Mold 

The city's climate can contribute to mold growth, making it a common issue in residential and commercial buildings. Remediation can involve removing building materials and personal items. Unfortunately, most mold issues cannot be resolved independently without professional intervention, and the source of the problem needs to be addressed. Cleaning the stains seen on surfaces will do nothing to stop any growth occurring behind walls or under flooring. 

The SERVPRO Approach to Mold Remediation

SERVPRO's team in Dallas tackles mold damage with precision and care, employing advanced techniques and equipment:

  • Inspection and Assessment: Moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras identify the water damage fueling mold growth.
  • Containment: Preventing the spread of mold spores by using physical barriers and negative air pressure.
  • Air Filtration: Utilizing HEPA filters to clean the air of mold spores and other particles.
  • Removing Mold and Mold-Infested Materials: Carefully dispose of contaminated materials and clean remaining surfaces with antimicrobial treatments.
  • Restoration: Repairing or replacing materials to return the property to pre-mold condition.

SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas’ comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of mold damage remediation is covered, providing peace of mind and a safe environment. Contact our team at (214) 361-7887; we are Here to Help®.

Our Specialists Can Help When Your Dallas Home Has Mold Issues

12/19/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas has the expertise to clean the mold damage in your home.

Mold Damage Remediation In Your Dallas Residence

Mold can grow almost anywhere in your Dallas home. When you do discover you have mold growth, you want to find a professionally trained mold removal company right away. Concerns regarding indoor exposure to mold have been on the rise as the public becomes more aware that mold can create health effects. It is essential to hire a remediation service which has the training and experience needed to implement a plan for remediation, plus has the right protective equipment and containment.

Cleaning the mold damage in your Dallas home is our priority at SERVPRO once you contact us. Our staff has been professionally trained, and we have all the equipment needed to help you return your property to a safe living environment.

We start the remediation process by finding and correcting the source of the moisture which created the mold. Then, SERVPRO techs contain the areas of your home that were affected by the mold and start the removal of any visible water. We use high-tech air movers, air scrubbers, and dehumidifiers to get the area dry again. Sometimes, demolition of the floors and walls is necessary to make sure we thoroughly remove the mold.

When cleaning the mold, various methods can be used including wet vacuuming, damp wiping, EPA vacuuming and removing damaged materials and sealing them in plastic bags. We can usually scrub mold off of hard, non-porous surfaces with detergent and water and then dry the surface. Any porous or absorbent materials such as carpet and ceiling tiles may need to be discarded.

Our immediate response lowers the amount of damage to your property, plus reduces your restoration costs. We also work closely with adjusters, insurance companies, and you as the homeowner throughout the entire process of remediation.

SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas has the expertise to clean the mold damage in your home in Northwest Dallas, Preston Hollow, or Dallas. Get in touch with us by dialing (214) 361-7887 any time you need assistance from the professionals.

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We Are The Best At Identifying Mold And Restoring Your Dallas Home

10/30/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas provides fast and cost-effective mold remediation care for homeowners across the local area.

Is That Really Mold Damage In My Dallas Home?

There are numerous species of fungi that cause mold damage in Dallas and elsewhere across the United States, each with a different growth pattern and biological structure than its relatives. Identifying mold damage in your home may not always be a clear-cut task, as some types of mold may not fit the standard bill of a green, fuzzy patch that slowly expands outward. Here are some tips SERVPRO inspectors have learned over the years that might help you identify a colony before it gets out of hand.

Look For Discoloration Of Any Kind
Not all mold damage in Dallas is green. Some types of mold are black, brown, white, yellow, or even something else entirely. However, you should still be able to identify color differences between the fungus and whatever it has started to grow on if you look close enough. If the wall is painted green but a small section appears to be off-color, use a magnifying glass or look closer to see if that patch has any unusual textures. Be careful not to touch any part of your home that you suspect has mold growing on it.

Watch For Polka Dots
Many types of mold appear as “polka dots” across a surface, as small patches develop in multiple areas at once. This can be a critical point in time to call in SERVPRO, as without fast action, these patches can grow and spread outward to become one massive colony. Look for these polka dots on clothing and other objects nearby, as they may also be affected.

Use Your Nose
While most colonies can only be smelled once they reach a significant size, some species of mold may produce strong odors even in their infancy. Look out for musty or foul odors in any area that you suspect could be harboring mold growth.

SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas provides fast and cost-effective mold remediation care for homeowners across the local area. Call SERVPRO as soon as you identify a problem at (214) 361-7887.

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How Our SERVPRO Experts Eliminate Mold In Your Dallas Home

9/25/2018 (Permalink)

The value of your property should not diminish because of mold issues.

Proper Remediation Of Mold Damage In Dallas Boosts Property Value

Mold is associated with some health problems. However, its biggest impact is diminishing property value if not properly remediated. Even if you aren't planning to sell your Dallas home immediately, some of the effects caused by mold might linger long enough to affect the future value of your property. Also, who wants mold to be the distinguishing feature of their property?

Mold damage in Dallas indicates an underlying moisture issue unless a one-off event such as flooding causes it. Proper remediation should start with fixing the source of the moisture. Our SERVPRO technicians inspect your premises thoroughly including hidden spaces such as wall cavities to identify all moisture sources. If the property floods, any wetness left in these hidden spaces can keep causing problems even when there is no other moisture source. In such cases, drying the dampness ensures positive results over a longer term.

Removing the moisture prevents new mold from developing. However, in the affected areas, it is necessary to clean all the visible effects of the infestation. Various cleaning actions are necessary to achieve a positive outcome. Our SERVPRO team first HEPA vacuums the affected areas to get rid of loose mold fragments. Other cleaning actions such as sanding, wire brushing, and damp wiping may follow based on how extensive the infestation is. After this, you can refinish the affected areas confident that there are no underlying issues.

Like other forms of fungi, mold causes structural problems when left unchecked for too long. Since wood is an excellent source of organic food for the mold, with time any infested areas are broken down and damaged. Where structural integrity is in question, the best option is the removal of the affected wood because even elimination of the infestation cannot restore the strength of the structure. When our SERVPRO technicians inspect your property, we identify any severely damaged areas.

The value of your property should not diminish because of mold issues. Call SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas at (214) 361-7887. We are available 24/7.

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Mold Damage Technicians In Dallas Describe How To Assess The Environment

8/15/2018 (Permalink)

Mold damage can occur because microbes naturally exist throughout your home inside dust particles and in other places.

Technicians Describe How To Assess The Environment

A fungus only needs three things to grow and survive inside a Dallas building. The fungi must have excessive moisture, an organic food source such as wood or paper and temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit to thrive. Mold damage can occur because microbes naturally exist throughout your home inside dust particles and in other places. Once conditions inside your Dallas home reach the ideal range for development, these microbes get activated and form into mold contamination.

Since fungi can cause health problems for some people, our SERVPRO crew takes extra measures to maintain good air quality inside your home. When we go to Dallas and conduct mold damage mitigation services, we come up with a safety plan that will keep our workers and all of the occupants in your residence safe from harmful substances. Everyone that works on the job site has to wear specialized personal protective equipment so that they do not breathe in dangerous particles in the air. Our team shows up at your property equipped with full body plastic suits, full face respirators, along with their hand and foot protection gear.

Microbial growth takes place often in dark areas that you do not look at every day. A slow water leak or one that went unnoticed for a long time are common causes of fungal formation. Once the fungus exists, it grows hyphae that spread across, into and out above the affected surface. The structures often look like small black dots that contain a little white fuzzy substance. The job of the hyphae is to create microscopic spores that the organism uses for reproduction. These spores become airborne and float around the structure until they find a place to settle and contaminate a different section of the house.

The first step to mitigating issues with a fungus is to determine whether or not mold actually exists. Our SERVPRO experts work directly with you the homeowner and find out where you believe the contamination is located. We inspect contents and building materials in your house to see whether mold exists by looking at possibly contaminated materials and by smelling the dwelling to see if foul, musty odors exist. We then find out from you if you have had previous problems with microbial formations or if you experienced a water leak recently. Determining the cause of the fungal development can help prevent issues from returning in the future. If you ever notice black mold forming in your home, call SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas at (214) 361-7887 seven days a week.

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Stopping and Removing Mold Damage in Northwest Dallas

6/17/2018 (Permalink)

Contact SERVPRO when you see or smell mold in your home. Call right away for best results and thorough remediation.

Thorough Mold Remediation Can Make the Difference in Preventing a Recurrence

For many Dallas homes, a water intrusion can lead to more problems than replacing a broken dishwasher and removing a foul-smelling carpet. The increase in moisture in a home can also result in a mold infestation inside the structure.
The start of mold damage in a Dallas home can begin with a relatively small amount of water. SERVPRO restoration specialists know that a steady drip which goes unnoticed can result in a mold colony that can originate in a laundry room, but spread its way through an entire structure before anyone sees anything. Not every mold gives off that typical ‘musty odor,’ so quickly stopping growth can mean a difference in hundreds of dollars in restoration costs.
The best way to stop mold is to take away its source of moisture. Most leaks or pools of water come from small sources like a leaky faucet connection, or an old, disintegrating washer hose. Our technicians can repair or replace minor plumbing issues like these, but they discover a potentially major problem, the team leader recommends the homeowner bring in a licensed plumber to perform the work.
Once we stop the source, SERVPRO crews can clean-up most water sources in a few hours. Quickly after that, the mold begins to return to an inert state, and the growth stops. At this point, our technicians spray any affected surfaces with an anti-fungal agent to kill the few, remaining active spores.
Next, our crews wipe down all affected surfaces to remove the mold. Unless the layer of the mold is very thick, they can usually accomplish this with a combination of dry sponges and a mild cleaning agent to break up it up for easier removal. For thicker layers, technicians have the option to use vacuums with special HEPA filters that are designed to capture and contain mold.
If the mold had time to grow into a property like paneling or drywall, the only option is to remove the infested items. Our teams carefully pull the affected building materials from the wall framing and remove it from home. If necessary, team members break up and bag the material in plastic to prevent spreading mold spores to unaffected parts of the home. After completing removal, technicians wipe down surfaces in the affected areas to catch any mold that settled out of the air.
At SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas, our goal is not just to stop mold, but to do everything possible to prevent another occurrence as well. If you are dealing with a mold problem in your home, call us today at (214) 361-7887 to schedule an inspection and receive a free, restoration estimate.

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Why Mold Damage Is A Concerning Discovery For Your Dallas Home

5/1/2018 (Permalink)

As surprising as it might seem, mold is a common occurrence in Dallas homes.

Why Mold Damage Is A Concerning Discovery

As surprising as it might seem, mold is a common occurrence in Dallas homes. Part of the problem is the humidity prevalent in certain parts of the year mixed with the excessive heat of the warmer months. For mold spores to seat and thrive, they need moisture and warmth, both of which many homes in the area can offer without even realizing it.

While mold damages to your Dallas home might not throw up a red flag for immediate action, it is something that should concern you. It has widely gotten understood now that mold can cause health effects when you or your family becomes exposed, and remediating the damage can be a way to both prevent the problem from persisting as well as limiting the possibility of these mentioned health effects.

Our SERVPRO professionals can get to work quickly in scoping out the full extent of the damage that your home faces, as well as a strategy for removal and home restoration. Identifying the source of the moisture is a critical aspect of this initial assessment, as it helps both our professionals and you the homeowner better understand what requires repair to prevent further water and moisture entering this affected area in the future.

Drying the area and pulling the moisture from the environment are both crucial elements to starving out mold colonies and preventing further spreading of the damage throughout this region of your home. Drying typically gets accomplished through the use of industrial strength air movers and dehumidification equipment.

Deodorization might happen last, but it is another essential element of this restoration and remediation process. With the harsh musty odor that gets created by thriving mold colonies, our thermal foggers can get used to neutralize these invasive scents at a molecular level.

Mold growing in your home does not have to be overwhelming to battle. You can always trust in the experienced technicians at SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas to help you clean up the mess and begin setting things right. Give us a call anytime at (214) 361-7887.

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SERVPRO Stopping Mold Damage in Dallas Homes

2/1/2018 (Permalink)

Almost every piece of building material, especially drywall, can serve as a food source for mold.

SERVPRO Eliminates Mold by Stopping it at its Source

Every home in Dallas contains some level of mold spores. They are no more harmful to most people than ordinary house dust in their normal, inert state and only become an issue when they come into contact with enough moisture to cause them to expand.

Dallas mold damage happens when the now active spores begin to search for more moisture and sources of food. To do this, they extend hyphae. This structure resemble tree roots when seen under a microscope and serve the same function. Some grow quickly across surfaces, expanding the colony while others grow into the surface of building material like drywall to feed it. SERVPRO restoration teams study how this growth occurs to determine the best way to stop and eliminate it.

Most spores grow best in a range from 68 to 86 degrees. Since this is the comfort range for most households, stopping mold using cold or heat is unlikely unless the home is unoccupied.

Nearly every piece of building material in a home can be a food source. Drywall, in particular, is vulnerable to mold spores and provides a way for mold to grow in every room inside the house. Since it is impossible to replace all drywall with stone or brick, that leaves only removing the source of moisture as a way to stop mold growth.

SERVPRO technicians can do this by finding the highest concentration of mold in the home. Higher levels usually occur at sources of water and the highest is normally at the original point of expansion and growth. Often, this source is a leak from a busted pipe or a damaged connection. If it is a minor problem, we can fix or replace it ourselves. A major problem like a refitting requires a licensed plumber.

Next, remove any standing water. Our teams can do this using a combination of pumps and extractions wands. Before starting, we spray the affected areas with an anti-fungal agent to prevent contaminating other parts of the home. It prevents further property damage and reduces the chance of mold spores causing adverse health effects.

At SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas, we know the best way to halt mold growth and damage is to stop it at its source. If you suspect there may be mold in your home, contact us at (214) 361-7887 with any questions or to schedule a visit and receive a free estimate if we find there is a problem.

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Mold Causes Real Damage in Northwest Dallas

12/20/2017 (Permalink)

Contacting the professionals at SERVPRO at the first sign of mold damage can ensure the best possible care and cleanup.

Contact SERVPRO at the First Sign of Mold to Prevent Further Damage

Mold is one of the most common and costly types of damage that can happen to any American home, and despite the assertions of some neighbors, family members, and unprofessional internet resources, you should be very concerned if you find fungi growing on your property. Mold damage is one of Northwest Dallas' most ubiquitous problems, especially in the aftermath of the last hurricane season. Damage from mold growth in and after that period persists in many homes, and new colonies are a constant risk even in the winter months.

Mold damage in Northwest Dallas homes is neither benign nor unimportant. Fungal growth is always a bad thing for the affected home and can grow into a massive problem over time. Potential symptoms and side effects of mold damage include strong and putrid smells, discoloration, deterioration of materials, blocked vents, weakened structural elements, and potentially, health effects for anyone residing or working in the building. In many cases, these issues may be prominent, as many patches of growth can be difficult to detect without specialized tools or easily-seen symptoms like these. SERVPRO technicians use advanced sensors and technology to detect excess moisture and heat generation behind walls and in crawl spaces to find hidden patches of mold and eliminate growth even in the most inconvenient of places. 

While mold can cause all of these problems in any infected home, almost all of them can be mitigated through a fast response and professional care. Calling a company like SERVPRO as soon as you find measurable mold growth in your home helps to ensure that it receives the best care possible within a short time, stopping further growth and preventing existing conditions from worsening. If you ever find signs of growth in your home, be sure to contact us immediately.

SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas is a local damage mitigation and restoration company that specializes in finding, eliminating, and cleaning up after mold damage in local homes. Call us at the first sign of trouble at (214) 361-7887.  

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Places Mold Damage May Be Hiding in Your Dallas Home

11/10/2017 (Permalink)

Whether you see or smell mold in your home, contacting SERVPRO for a thorough investigation and remediation is a great option for the problem.

SERVPRO Technicians Focus on Remediation and Prevention of Mold in Your Home

The media is exceptionally full of stories about the rise of mold damage following storms and floods. A Dallas home that has no recent history of these disasters still can struggle with mold issues. Deterioration of building materials and personal property linked to mold growth caused by less sensational events is no less frustrating a problem. Our mold remediation services are available for microbial growth due to any source.
The common denominator for mold damage in Dallas is moisture. Where there is persistent moisture, mold follows. Educating yourself about the places mold growth hides helps you improve your interior air quality and protect your home’s structure. Since mold is not selective about where it will grow as long as it has a water source, oxygen, and food, you may also have the unpleasant surprise of finding it quietly but persistently contaminating personal property or any space in your home. Our technicians learn many strategies to clean a wide variety of items affected by mold.
A musty smell in the kitchen often signals a small leak under the sink, but other water issues can fuel a mold outbreak. The line to the refrigerator/freezer that fills the ice machine and chilled water reservoir may drip under cabinets or in the walls just enough to support a hidden colony. Steam from cooking raises the humidity in the room if not vented, and mold may grow near the stove.
The bathroom is traditionally a steamy place, encouraging mold growth. Efforts to kill the reappearing black growth ironically often make it worse, especially if the cleaning solution contains diluted bleach. Bleach even when full strength is 90 percent water. It lightens the staining but does not reach far enough into the surface where the mold is growing to kill the roots. Its high water content feeds the mold. Laundry rooms shelter mold in the bottom of baskets, clogged dryer vents, and around the seal of the front loading washer.
SERVPRO technicians offer answers to these mold problems and more. Once leaks in plumbing or appliances are located and repaired, affected areas can be remediated, the moldy materials removed and the spaces sanitized. Humidity and condensation disappear when exhaust fans are installed near stoves and showers. Professional antimicrobials penetrate to kill mold at the roots. AC and dehumidifiers keep air moisture levels below 50 percent, unappealing for most common mold strains.
Vent cleaning is a SERVPRO specialty, and we can help remove the moldy residue in the washer as well. Our crew members guide you as you review cleaning and maintenance routines to keep your working, storage, and living areas dry and free of mold damage.
SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas is your answer for mold hiding in any or all areas of your home. Call (214) 361-7887 for efficient mold remediation and helpful advice to avoid mold damage in the future.

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Mold Removal and Mold Damage Remediation Services in Dallas

10/9/2017 (Permalink)

Our technicians come assess and start the remediation process very soon after the initial call because we know that's crucial for preventing spread.

Our Certified SERVPRO Technicians Quickly Discover the Cause of the Mold Infestation on Your Property

Mold growth in Dallas properties can be costly, cause health effects, and is usually difficult to remove. Mold can develop when water damage is not handled properly. If the mold lingers for too long, it can lead to an unsafe environment and reduced indoor air quality. If your home has a mold problem, do not hesitate to enlist a qualified restoration service to help you restore your property.
As a trusted franchise in the restoration industry, SERVPRO is adequately prepared to deal with any type of mold damage in Dallas. Our technicians are highly skilled, highly experienced, and IICRC-certified, guaranteeing a smooth and flawless restoration process. We are a part of your community, and understand the importance of swift mold remediation.
Immediate mold damage remediation is essential to controlling any repair costs. The longer you delay the decontamination, the more you are likely to pay. SERVPRO restorers have extensive knowledge to test mold-damaged materials and apply the necessary restoration techniques to return your items to preloss condition, "Like it never even happened."
After creating a containment around the mold, our technicians can begin work without the risk of spreading spores throughout the building. We use complete PPE gear when dealing with mold damage for safety purposes and to avoid tracking the spores through the house when we leave.
SERVPRO professionals use numerous mold removal techniques to control mold growth, including HEPA vacuuming, specialty mold cleaners, media blasting, and wire brushing. A comprehensive approach is much more effective than just spraying the mold. Even after killing the mold and fungal spores, these methods may not eliminate the allergenic properties without physical removal. As such, we also clean and sanitize the whole area to prevent future growth.
Clean and dry areas are not prone to mold damage. After the remediation process, our technicians consult with you on mold prevention techniques to ensure the fungi do not grow back when we leave. Dry cleaning mold-damaged clothes by a qualified professional can be effective at controlling mold growth. However, this assumes that the garment does not have discoloration or deterioration. Ultimately, sampling and evaluating the fabric can help us confirm whether remediation is possible.
Mold growth can spread quickly and take over your house. If you are dealing with mold problems, you can count on SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas for quick and efficient mold damage remediation services. We are available 24/7 at (214) 361-7887.

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Mold Damage Symptoms in Dallas

8/4/2017 (Permalink)

When you find mold in your home, the infestation is probably much more than what you see. Call SERVPRO to investigate and remediate.

SERVPRO Technicians Figure Out the Cause of the Infestation Before Beginning the Remediation Process on Mold in Your Home

Even when residents find evidence of mold, many of them ignore it or try to cover it up. Most people believe that a little mold is not a problem and can be covered up with paint. This belief is wrong and dangerous to the overall safety and integrity of a home’s structure.

After decades of experience in the Dallas area, SERVPRO knows what mold damage can do to a home. Each year, millions are spent to clean out mold growths and to restore or repair damage to structural and personal property. Mold damage is slow to cause a problem, but it also goes unnoticed for months.

By the time homeowners first see or smell it, there is the possibility of contamination which has permanently compromised drywall, paneling and even supporting frames. When this happens, our technicians quickly isolate the affected area. We seal off entry points with plastic sheeting and the air conditioning vents to prevent accidental spread of loose mold spores in the air. A variation of this first step is needed for every home we clean or restore.

Removing affected property is simple, but time-consuming. Our technicians carefully pull out drywall, ceiling tiles where the mold has grown into the items. To prevent a spread of the contamination, we break down panels into a size that can be bagged and taken out of the home. We dispose of it according to Texas State and Federal regulations.

For contaminated structural supports, we install temporary jacks and other support devices at key points. Once they are in place, technicians use claw hammers and crowbars to remove the mold infested wood. We remove and dispose of it in the same manner as the ceiling tiles and other building materials. Depending on the extent of what we remove, replacement usually takes no more than two or three days.

Stopping and removing mold from your home is a process that needs to begin at the first sign of a problem. Regardless of how far the mold may have grown, SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas is here with the experience and training needed to restore your home to its original condition. Call today at (214) 361-7887 for an inspection and estimate.

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Mold Damage In Your North Dallas Property

1/26/2017 (Permalink)

Mold spores are microscopic and can be located everywhere.

Mold Damage

Mold spores are microscopic and can be located everywhere. There are thousands in every home and are dormant, causing no problems, for the most part. It takes an open source of water or high levels of moisture in the air to cause these spores to expand and grow. If untreated or removed, mold can quickly destroy building material and other property, costing hundreds (even thousands) of dollars in damage.

If you are concerned there may be mold damage in your North Dallas home, call a professional mold damage restoration company for assistance. SERVPRO has extensive training in handling mold and cleaning up property that has been infested by it.

We start by finding the source of the mold and determining just how far it may have already grown. Our technicians use air testers to determine the exact levels which help us plan how to neutralize and remove it. Once we find it, the next step is to isolate the affected room or area. Our response team seals off all entrances and exits using plastic sheeting and duct tape to prevent further contamination of your home. The vents and ducts of your heating and air system will be sealed off as well.

Next, technicians begin to clean the area using anti-fungal and anti-microbial sprays to destroy active spores. Every surface will be sprayed and then wiped down; if the growth is exceptionally thick in some places, we use special scrubbing tools to remove it without damaging the surface underneath. Areas difficult to reach may be cleaned by using anti-fungal foggers that get into every surface and crack mold may hide. These foggers are also used in case your heating and air system has been compromised by the mold. After the ducts have been exposed to the anti-fungal agents, technicians will use specially designed exhaust fans to blow the spores out of your home. When this is finished, we wipe down all of the vents and replace the air filters.

To prevent new mold growth, our technicians also test the air to see if the air moisture levels need to be reduced. If they do, dehumidifiers will be set up at key points to draw water from the air. Once the levels test out to under 12 percent, your home is considered to be safe against new growth. If you are worried about mold in your house, call us at (214) 361-7887 today to schedule an inspection. SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas is here to help restore your home and put your life back together.

Mold Damage In Your Preston Hollow Home

12/4/2016 (Permalink)

Preston Hollow Roof Leak Led to Mold Damage

SERVPRO Helps with Mold Remediation

Molds are everywhere and serve a necessary function within our environment; they assist with decay and soil enrichment that are essential within our ecosystem. Mold or Mould and Mildew grow on wood products, ceiling tiles, wallpaper, carpet, drywall, insulation, plants, food and other organic materials naturally. Given the right conditions, mold growths or colonies can spread throughout an entire area within 48 hours and reproduce tiny microscopic spores that travel along air currents to further infest your home or commercial property.

Get the services required for proper mold damage remediation in your Preston Hollow home by calling our offices today. We will help you return your property to a quality pre-damage condition and get you back to your regular everyday routine as quickly as possible.
SERVPRO provides you with the services you need to find the source of any mold infestation. Whether you have an issue due to flooding, sewage back-up, plumbing leaks, a damp basement, overflows or high humidity, we can contain the spread of mold and mildew and take the proper steps to return their levels to normal within your property.
Our SERVPRO technicians have years of experience dealing with mold damage remediation. We use the proper personal protective equipment to safely and securely handle the situation, limiting any hazards to the rest of your property. We will remove any highly infected materials and use special cleaning and drying techniques to change the environment that mold uses to flourish. Going as far as engaging mold spores in those hidden, hard to reach, areas that the infection thinks it can hide in.
We will manage the situation and take the proper steps to mediate the spread on hard or porous surfaces, cleaning and disinfecting any materials and even saving some of those precious items you thought may be lost forever. We have many resources that can assist with their recovery.
The SERVPRO teams that arrive at your property work hard to provide you with the services that are necessary to return your property to a quality pre-damage condition, "Like it never even happened." Take advantage of our services by making the call to our offices today. We are available to you 24-7 and consider it a privilege to serve as your choice in mold remediation.