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Managing Water Restoration Correctly for Dallas Properties

1/12/2024 (Permalink)

servpro box truck at work site SERVPRO team arrives to rescue Harvey's Carpets from water damage. We service all of Dallas--We're Faster to any size disaster.™

Overlooked Aspects When Dealing with Water Damage

You might find Dallas, TX, interesting for various reasons, including infamous historical aspects such as the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963. Dealey Plaza and the Sixth Floor Museum chronicles the life and legacy of JFK. The Dallas Arts District is among the largest in the country, while the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden features seasonal flower displays and themed gardens. The city also hosts annual events like the North Texas Irish Festival, Deep Ellum Arts Festival, and Dallas International Film Festival.

Water restoration outcomes in Dallas properties vary depending on factors such as the amount of water released or the period before discovering the problem and starting mitigation processes. In some cases, though, the people handling the procedure can affect its outcome based on how they tackle individual tasks. Ignoring or overlooking some aspects can worsen the situation or prolong the problem. SERVPRO® technicians evaluate your property and determine the necessary response.

Some aspects you might overlook 

  • Checking restoration material quality
  • Locating moisture in hidden areas
  • Choosing drying techniques
  • Assessing utilities like HVAC and electric systems

Many materials ravaged by moisture are unsalvageable, thus requiring replacement after the incident. If you are not keen when choosing replacements, you might have inferior materials and future problems. SERVPRO crews preserve pieces of carpets, drywall, and other materials removed from the structure to ensure any replacements are of the same quality.

Leaving hidden moisture within structural areas or contents creates many issues, including odors, rot, and swelling. Identifying hidden wetness requires appropriate resources such as thermal cameras and penetrative moisture meters. Our SERVPRO crews use the information gathered to choose a drying system. We prefer a closed drying system for most incidents since we can use air movers and dehumidifiers to control the drying process better.

Water can affect the habitability or usability of your premises. One of the reasons you may notice changes is the effects moisture has on utilities like electric cables and HVAC systems. Rusting electrical components and contamination in HVAC ducts are some typical effects moisture causes.

SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas ensures water restoration runs smoothly. Call us at (214) 361-7887

Ways to Restore Dallas Homes After Water Damage

3/27/2023 (Permalink)

water damage on the concrete floor of a utility room Our team at SERVPRO can restore your Dallas home or business from water damage.

SERVPRO Relies on Source and Amount to Customize Dallas Water Restoration Exercises

Whenever there is a moisture spike inside your Dallas home, most materials start deteriorating. Drying moisture is essential for the prevention or restoration of water damage. Different steps are necessary to manage staining, odor, and rot issues. For the best outcome, cleaning, applying chemical agents, deodorizing, and replacing some materials are essential steps to manage such damage. 

Many things found in Dallas homes spark water damage due to negligence, accidents, or the natural wear down of components. The periodic changes within water supply systems like pressure levels or temperature also contribute to leaks due to broken pies introducing unnecessary moisture inside houses. Before starting any renovation procedures, our SERVPRO water restoration technicians must identify the moisture source first since this helps determine practical and impractical solutions. 

Common Water Leak Sources

  • Leaky dishwashers
  • Broken pipes
  • Overflowing washing machines
  • Structural openings

Dishwashers can leak for several reasons, including leaky gaskets, faulty door latches, or the wrong detergents. Gaskets can rip or wear out, while latches might open too easily. Although a detergent is not a mechanical element, it can also promote leaks. If the detergent you use creates excessive suds, it can force the water out of the door. Other appliances like washing machines can also overflow or develop other leaks.

Water Leak Diagnosis

A leak may not seem that hard to diagnose since the areas where the water collects usually exhibit physical changes. However, what you see may not tell the whole story. Our SERVPRO technicians investigate the leak by using specialized probing tools or asking for information about any unusual signs that you might have noticed while the leak happened. One example of a distinctive sign is when spilled water only appears after you operate an appliance which might indicate a loose-fitting or a damaged seal. Leaks that accompany weather events such as torrential rain indicate structural issues such as poor exterior siding, foundation cracks, or leaky doors and windows. Water damage often results from exterior water intrusion.

Moisture Related Problems

  • Damaged appliances and utilities
  • Deterioration from warping and rot
  • Contamination
  • Unpleasant odors

Once the water is released into your structure, it is bound to interact with the different materials inside. Some like fabrics might simply absorb it and release it when dried. Others undergo chemical reactions leading to rot, stains, and rust. Contamination is also a common issue even when the leaking water is clean since stagnation creates an opportunity for the proliferation of microbes. 

Restoring a property requires one to address all the issues triggered by the high moisture levels. Our SERVPRO professionals can help you find appropriate solutions for major or minor issues. For example, a water damage problem like warping or buckling of solid wood is a severe issue that can necessitate costly replacements and inconvenient construction work. 

With the right approach, addressing these issues is not that difficult. For instance, if the affected area has a hardwood floor, our technicians prioritize fast water extraction and remove some boards. These simple steps help limit the chances of the boards buckling by reducing the moisture they absorb and creating space for them to swell without any changes in their physical form. Finally, a controlled drying process helps minimize swelling, restoring the boards to their original shape and dimensions.

SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas can use several approaches to address any water damage issue, making it "Like it never even happened." You can reach us at (214) 361-7887.

Water Removal in Your Dallas Home Calls for Experience

1/22/2023 (Permalink)

a flooded kitchen with water covering the tile Regardless of how the water damage situation occurred, team SERVPRO can help with water removal and remediation services. Call right away.

Hire SERVPRO for Water Removal in Dallas

Water damage can result from different emergencies in your home, such as burst pipes, water heater failure, leaking dishwasher lines, and sump pump failure. When these occur, significant problems are just a few hours away. If you don't contact a professional water damage restorer, your furniture might be ruined or damaged, and so might the drywall and flooring.

SERVPRO is present to ensure that property owners can easily locate water removal services in Dallas. Our team is fully trained and certified to clean and deodorize the areas that have come under the effect of excessive water damage. We usually begin with a process approved in the industry to protect against mold, germs, and odors, with the main aim being to get your house back to order in the shortest time possible.

Our team can use electric submersible pumps to remove the standing water. The only way to bring the affected items and structures back to their normal moisture levels is by using air-moving and dehumidifying equipment. SERVPRO's drying process uses these to increase the evaporation of water at the surface level and shorten the drying time. When the water is evaporating from wet materials, there is cooling and saturation of the air directly above the material, which can slow the rate of evaporation. To avoid this, we bring in air movers, introducing a high-velocity airflow layer that increases the evaporation rate.

Some of the equipment that SERVPRO uses for this purpose include:

  • Centrifugal air movers
  • Axial air movers, and
  • Structural cavity drying equipment.

We also offer mold remediation to prevent the deterioration of yet unharmed drywall, flooring, and framing. The scope of the damage and the length of time required to achieve drying standards determine the time our SERVPRO technicians spend restoring your house and affected contents.

Don't stand to watch as your Dallas house succumbs to water damage. Contact SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas at (214) 361-7887. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

We Have The Proper Equipment To Handle Water Damage In Dallas

8/21/2022 (Permalink)

a woman trying to fix a leaking pipe underneath her sink Water damage to cabinets can cause cascading effects if not dealt with urgently. Team SERVPRO is standing by 24/7 and ready to remediate.

Restoring Under Sink Cabinets and Fittings from Water Damage in your Dallas Home

Your kitchen and bathroom have hundreds, if not thousands, of gallons in water passing through them throughout the year. Sometimes, these wet rooms can sustain moisture-related damages. The cupboards beneath a sink are typical areas where small amounts of moisture from condensation or leaking can build up. As time passes, these damp spots can begin to degrade interior cabinets, stagnant, or cause rust issues. You may notice unpleasant odors when running water or yellow staining on shelves and beneath fittings. 

Odor and discoloration inside fittings can be signs of long standing water damage issues in your Dallas home. Moisture attracts bacteria and other living organisms that can eat away at varnishes resulting in exposure of the wood beneath. At their most severe, microbial infestation can cause rotting in natural materials. Metal pipes, on the other hand, can attract rust, which slowly weakens your pipes and increases the chances of kitchen flooding. Your best bet in tackling these issues may be to bring in professional restoration services like SERVPRO to remedy the damages.

Careful inspection of the area affected is a vital part of ensuring that your water damage issue does not go on to change the structure of your home. The base of fittings can sometimes expose the subfloor or not have the same sealant as the floor. SERVPRO technicians can remove the physical elements of your cabinet to assess whether water seepage is going to be an issue. If there is a situation where removing the cabinets may be unnecessarily time-consuming, we can use infrared cameras or moisture sensors to assess whether water migration is occurring. 

When it comes to natural materials that have a microbial infestation, the only solution is to remove the affected areas altogether. This procedure can help to prevent the spread of soiling or infestation to untainted materials. Once the removal and disposal of these items are complete, SERVPRO can disinfect the area or use antimicrobial treatments to create a lasting barrier. By sanding the salvageable elements of your cabinets and refinishing them, we can ensure that unaffected areas remain in good condition. 

Long Standing water issues can result in escalating costs without early intervention. Contact SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas at (214) 361-7887 now.

The Importance of Fast Water Removal Services for Your Dallas Home

7/19/2022 (Permalink)

removed carpet, dryers in bedroom SERVPRO can restore your water damaged Dallas bedroom using advanced equipment and expertise.

Removing Standing Water to Mitigate Damage

Water emergencies are nothing you can plan for, but there are some steps you can take to prevent the most common threats to your Dallas residence.

With appliances being a leading cause of internal flooding of your Dallas home, preventative maintenance stands as a critical action for avoiding these circumstances. Unfortunately, you might not always be mindful of when your appliances require servicing, with the added expense of getting them looked at not something you want to do regularly.

However, appliances are the leading cause of required water removal services for your Dallas residence. With a significant malfunction, a water-fed device can continue to fill indefinitely, or an over-pressurized supply hose could break free from the back, spilling many volumes of water onto the floor until the problem is noticed.

While most homeowners know how to shut off the supply valves to each appliance, this knowledge does not address the most pressing issue of the pooled water on the floors of the affected area around the machine. Fortunately, we at SERVPRO pride ourselves on being Faster To Any Size Disaster, including the significant water emergency you might be facing.

From the moment that we arrive, and the water supply has been shut down (if you have not already done this), our priority is extraction. This process utilizes a pump truck from our SERVPRO fleet for severe flooding but can also get accomplished with a combination of portable pumps and wet vacs with extraction wands.

Drying and Monitoring

  • Drying follows this effort using
  • air movers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Drying mats
  • Injecti-dry systems

We monitor using moisture sensors and infrared camera imagery until moisture content levels reach acceptable levels.

With water removal, time is always of the essence. The faster you can alert SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas to the emergency you are facing, the less lasting damage and the potential need for reconstruction. Give us a call 24/7 at (214) 361-7887

What is the Best Way to Cleanup Water from Carpeting?

6/26/2022 (Permalink)

a worker pulling up a waterlogged carpet from the floors Water damaged carpets need to be dealt with quickly or else a mold infestation will result. Call SERVPRO to assess and dry out the area.

Dallas homeowners trust SERVPRO to tackle water cleanup from saturated carpets

The type of water saturating the carpets in your Dallas home will play a significant role in how SERVPRO handles the cleanup. No matter the kind of flooding you have, we have proven methods to leave everything “Like it never even happened.”

Water cleanup in Dallas when your carpet is involved means determining the best way to proceed. We break down water contamination into three categories:

  • Category 1 water is clean, often coming from your plumbing or supply line
  • Category 2 water is dirty, coming from appliances like a dishwasher, water heater, or washing machine
  • Category 3 water is contaminated, often coming from sewage, outdoor flooding, and more

Keep in mind that any water sitting for too long can become dirty and bacterial growth will fester. We get to work fast using our extraction equipment, pumps, and vacuums to pull up as much water as possible. Whether or not our technicians can salvage your carpet will depend on several critical factors, including:

  • The age of the carpeting and padding below
  • The type of installation
  • The category of water that has come into contact with it
  • And other essential factors unique to the situation

SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas is the team to call when you need water cleanup to dry carpeting throughout your home. Call us 24 hours a day at (214) 361-7887 to have a team dispatched to your property to begin the assessment.

SERVPRO Assists Dallas Residents in Need of Water Restoration Companies

6/26/2022 (Permalink)

a puddle of water on the hardwood floor of a living room Whether the water damage is in your kitchen or another part of your home, team SERVPRO is the company to call. We are standing by 24/7.

Dallas Residents Can Get Help 24/7 From One of the Premier Water Restoration Companies

Dallas has contributed much to the United States' sports culture; in fact, the term "Super Bowl" originated from a comment made by Lamar Hunt, one of the founders of the American Football League, made to NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle. The event's original name was the ‘AFL-NFL Championship Game,’ but quickly became known as The Super Bowl."

Professional Cheerleading Started in Dallas

Another aspect of sports originated in Big D as the first-ever professional cheerleading squad, The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Since 1972, the cheerleaders have been a staple at both home and away games for the team. In the present, hundreds of women from all over the United States attend the yearly tryouts to get chosen to be part of this elite cheering team. The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders have featured on calendars, movies, and most recently, their own reality show featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the rigorous training and selection process. 

Dallas is Home to Many Other Sports

If football is not your cup of tea, there are numerous other sports to take in around the city. The metropolitan area is home to teams engaged in six major sports: 

  • National Football League - Dallas Cowboys
  • National Basketball Association - Dallas Mavericks
  • Major League Baseball - Texas Rangers
  • National Hockey League - Dallas Stars
  • Major League Soccer - FS Dallas
  • Women's National Basketball Association - Dallas Wings

During the State Fair of Texas in September and October, the rivalry between Oklahoma and Texas hits its peak with the college football game nicknamed "Red River Rivalry" or the "Texas-OU game," which plays out every year at the Cotton Bowl in Fair Park.  

Parks and Parkland in Dallas

Although it seems to lean towards being modern and cosmopolitan, Dallas has many outdoor areas to visit. The City oversees and maintains a total of 406 parks located on 21,000 acres. One of the best parks is Fair Park, which spans 260-acres and hosted the Texas Centennial Exposition in 1936. The Dallas Zoo has the distinction of being the first zoo in the State that opened in 1888 and the largest zoo covering 95 acres. 

The city is not close to the Gulf of Mexico but offers 17 different lakes to enjoy, including White Rock and Bachman. For biking and jogging enthusiasts, the city and park systems have a total of 61.6 miles of jogging, hiking, and biking trails to use and explore. There is always something to do with residents and visitors having access to: 

  • 47 community and neighborhood recreation centers
  • 276 sports fields
  • 60 swimming pools
  • 232 playgrounds
  • 173 basketball courts
  • 112 volleyball courts
  • 258 neighborhood tennis courts
  • Six 18-hole golf courses

The Trinity River Project 

The Great Trinity Forest is the largest urban hardwood forest in the United States, and there are ongoing plans to develop these lands into the largest urban park in America. Once completed, the park will be eleven times larger than Central Park in New York City. The area is known as the nature district and becomes the heart of Dallas by assisting in the transition to make Big D a greener city. Engineers designed the park to address flooding problems from the Trinity River, which has affected numerous structures after heavy rains requiring restoration services. It also helps with transportation issues throughout the area and boosts the economy through park attendance and events. Called the Greenway, it will feature: 

  • Water features
  • Sports fields 
  • Pedestrian overpass
  • Located 10 minutes from downtown for easy access

Once a year, the State Fair of Texas takes place. The fair has happened every since 1886, except for cancellations occurring during World Wars I and II and the pandemic of 2020. The usual starting time is the final Friday in September and ends 24 days later. Each year, an average of two million visitors enjoy this venue where they can take in the Starlight Parade, an auto show, and the Texas Skyway, a gondola ride that only operates during the days the fair is open. Visitors get welcomed by Big Tex, a 55-foot tall cowboy made of fabric and wire that speaks with a hinged jaw. The statue was rebuilt in 2013 after an electrical fire gutted the previous cowboy that had been on display since 1952.

What Does SERVPRO Do Differently Than Other Dallas Water Restoration Companies?

As Dallas water restoration companies go, SERVPRO has access to a nationwide selection of extraction and drying equipment to handle any size water damage in local properties. 

While local property owners know to bring in a professional mitigation company on large-scale cleanup jobs, what you may not be aware of is that even small water damage situations may need handling by trained IICRC-certified technicians to ensure there are no issues afterward that can affect the structure, contents or health of the occupants. That is why after extracting the water and drying the property, the technicians use their professional-grade disinfectant cleaning solutions, including antimicrobial and biocides, to ensure the affected areas get returned to a sanitary state for reuse.

One of the core values of SERVPRO is the goal to save clients the cost of replacement of damaged items whenever possible through the proprietary cleaning and restoration services. Property owners can expect to: 

  • Get fast arrival after their initial phone call, even on weekends and holidays
  • Communication from the technicians so everyone is on the same page for what is happened
  • Carefully working within the scope of coverage, so there are no surprise out of pocket expenses

Equal care happens after the cleanup efforts are over. The technicians scope the property carefully to ensure that it verifies as dry, and the client is happy with the outcome. At this time, if any repairs need to occur, the crew chief will go over those with the property owner and adjuster as needed. A report with the actions taken, items that required disposal, and photos get provided to expedite any insurance claims. 

SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas at (214) 361-7887 stands out among water restoration companies for their 24/7 availability and commitment to making water-based property disasters, "Like it never even happened."

Dallas Kitchens, Water Leaks, and SERVPRO Efforts for Restoration

5/22/2022 (Permalink)

a garbage disposal under a sink When garbage disposal leaks cause problems, team SERVPRO can help. Contact us 24/7 - 365 days a year - for effective services and equipment needed.

Garbage Disposal Leaks Can Cause Water Damage to Kitchen Floors in Dallas

Many busy households in Dallas rely on built-in appliances to help make daily chores easier and less tiresome. Many appliances use water, like the washing machine or the dishwasher, but the kitchen sink's garbage disposal can also cause problems if it ever begins leaking. Because of the disposal's enclosed location, you might not notice anything wrong until the floor in front of the sink becomes soaked.

As soon as you realize the floor in front of the cabinets is soggy and wet, protecting your Dallas house from water damage keeps it from becoming worse. Because of the high volume of organic matter that passes through your disposal unit, odors can also start emanating from the area. Cleaning the floor and the underside of the cabinet only lasts until the next time you run the disposal.

SERVPRO's restoration, mitigation, and plumbing specialists work in tandem to fix situations like this, starting at the source. Once our building team replaces the disposal with regular plumbing, the cause of water damage no longer exists to create future messes. Our restoration team starts working on drying out the damp, soggy area, including underneath the cabinet. We use infrared imaging to make sure we locate every inch of materials where the water migrated.

Cleaning the area below a broken garbage disposal might seem messy, but no job is too large or too small for SERVPRO. We wipe the area clean, doing everything possible to restore your house “Like it never even happened” for you and your family. Air movers quickly dry areas like this, but do nothing to combat the odors caused by dirty water.

We also spray things down with a disinfectant that helps odor-causing particles to disintegrate, so odors no longer occur. We can also insert gel packs or odor-absorbing beads into the area underneath the cabinet's floor. These work for a long time, making the area much more pleasant. If carpeting still smells off, we can inject fragrances directly into the underside of the carpet. Then we can discuss the details about installing a newer model garbage disposal.

SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas is always ready to take your call at (214) 361-7887.

Where Should I Look for Water Damage in My North Dallas Residence?

12/28/2021 (Permalink)

water stains on ceiling around water pipes Water damage leaves telltale signs like stains. Inspect your home often for signs of moisture.

There Are a Few Key Areas You Should Check for Damage in Your North Dallas Home

Locating water damage and its sources is the first step in restoring your North Dallas residence. Preferably, it would help if you had your home periodically inspected by professionals for water-related issues. However, there are some key places you can check on your own if you suspect a water problem.

When inspecting North Dallas homes for water damage, SERVPRO technicians repeatedly find it in the same areas. They generally discover it near windows, in ceilings under leaky roofs, by pipe networks, around appliances, or beside water containers.

With all this in mind, some specific places you should check for water problems and associated damage are:

  • The caulking around your window frames, your windows’ glass seals, and the areas beside and under your windows
  • Attics, other spots directly under roofs, and places behind ceiling leaks or discolored structural elements
  • Under sinks and around known pipe networks, especially after hard freezes, where leaky or burst pipes may occur
  • or under washing machines, around the valves and gaskets of dishwashers, and near water heater tanks that haven’t been serviced in a while
  • Around old or corroded water containers that may have been neglected for some time

Should you locate a water leak and related damage, you will likely need professional water damage remediation to help you with water cleanup and water damage repairs.

With that said, it is comforting to know that the highly trained and well-equipped water damage experts at SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas are just a phone call away. Contact us at (214) 361-7887 for assistance whenever you need us.

Multiple Options for Drying Water Damaged Hardwood Floors in Dallas

9/30/2021 (Permalink)

warped floor boards from water damage Was your flooring affected by excess water? Contact SERVPRO to assess and then remediate the water damage. We are standing by 24/7 - 365 days a year.

Strategies to Remove Water in Wood Flooring of Dallas Homes

With engineered or hardwood plank flooring in your Dallas residence, situations like water damage incidents could have a dire effect. Despite the severity of the situation, migrating water can get absorbed into the planks faster than many homeowners might believe. Because engineered wood typically comprises thin materials pressed together, this material is especially susceptible to saturation and splitting.

When you need to consider water removal for your Dallas home flooring, our SERVPRO team has multiple options for wood materials. The approach chosen depends on the saturation levels of the material, when water damage stays on the surface, when free moisture in the plank exists, and when the water has bonded with the molecular structure of the flooring. Once water becomes ‘bound’ in the wood plank floors, these physical deformities develop.

Air Movers  

Air movers are often the first line of defense for almost every drying task that our professionals undertake. These tools are vital in removing a vapor barrier that exists during evaporative drying. These high-velocity machines displace the cool air trapped above the surface of wood plank flooring to allow the material to dry evenly and quickly.

Drying Mats 

Drying mats are one of the specialty pieces of equipment that our professionals have to address saturation in porous, hard materials like wood plank flooring. With a consistent, slow draw of the moisture trapped in the planks, we can regulate the water removal process and ensure that these materials do not get dried too quickly or too completely, both of which could damage the wood.


When there are no feasible solutions for removing trapped moisture in the flooring and physical deformities have already developed, it is necessary to remove these portions. Our SERVPRO contractors can utilize controlled demolition techniques to only remove the areas severely damaged by the migrating water to protect subflooring materials. 

These are a few of the strategies that our SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas team can use to manage water loss situations in area homes. No matter how we can help, give our team a call at (214) 361-7887.

Efficient and Professional Ways to Deal with Water Removal in Dallas

9/10/2021 (Permalink)

floating carpet SERVPRO's experienced technicians can salvage most water damaged carpets with a "floating" technique. We help our Dallas neighbors

Water Damage in Dallas Properties Gets Mitigated with Prompt SERVPRO Service

Although it is a useful utility, water becomes a nightmare if it overflows and reaches unintended parts of your Dallas property. This might happen due to several reasons, whether it is a sewer backing up because of blocked lines, a broken drainage pipe, or even a leaking sink. What you do after discovering the unintended water intrusion matters because if left in place, the water can cause different kinds of damages. The best way to mitigate immediate damage and prevent future complications is to involve a professional.

Water removal in Dallas properties is a multi-step process that might involve fixing the source (if it is a minor repair), draining the water, and drying the property. Calling SERVPRO is better than handling all these aspects on your own because they can overwhelm you. We send a team to handle the process so that each step of the removal gets sufficient attention. Our team is also able to multitask, which helps prevent additional problems. For example, while some team members extract the water, others remove affected items. Cutting down the exposure period prevents other problems like structural damage and mold growth.

Water Removal Services

Proper removal takes more than just draining water from the visibly affected areas. If there is water inside the walls, proper dying is only possible if special techniques are applied. Our technicians remove the baseboard and drill small holes on one side of the wall. We can circulate warm, dry air into the wall cavities using air movers, eliminating the excess moisture. We are IICRC-certified and follow prescribed and proven protocols.

Draining water trapped under wall-to-wall carpets can be problematic, but our technicians at SERVPRO use proven methods to dry these areas. For example, the technician can 'float the carpet,' which is a technique involving placing an air mover under the carpet. The moving air quickens drying and helps eliminate chances of secondary water damage like bad odor or mold from developing. Pulling the carpeting from the tack strips for access can be difficult for the average homeowner. Problems like flapping can cause delamination of the fiber from the backing. Pumping too much air beneath the carpet might also stretch it. Our technicians have the experience and skills to salvage carpets whenever possible. We always try to restore and not replace water-damaged materials and possessions.

A case of simple interior flooding can cause extensive damage and expense to restore the structure if not correctly handled. Calling SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas helps ensure that proper mitigation steps are taken immediately. You can reach us 24/7 at (214) 361-7887.

Can Professionals Save Hardwood Floors by Performing Water Damage Restoration in Dallas?

8/16/2021 (Permalink)

hardwood planks damaged, cupping Call SERVPRO fast to prevent non-salvageable hardwood flooring water damage in Dallas.

The proper training and equipment support SERVPRO technicians mitigating and remediating water damaged hardwood floors in Dallas

Burst pipes, appliance malfunction, clogged AC condensation drains, or overflowing sinks can cause Dallas water damage. Restoration of hardwood floors saturated with water is one of our specialties, and the earlier the homeowner calls, the more successful the result.

Are Hardwood Floors in Dallas Durable Enough to Withstand a Soaking?

You might be hard-pressed to see any trace of water on the floor's surface shortly after the pipes rupture or ceilings leak. Don't let water damage in Dallas trick you.Hardwood floors seem to shed the fluids. However, SERVPRO IICRC-trained technicians know that water drains and migrates through the joints between the planks, putting other structural components at risk of permanent primary or secondary damage.

What Are Signs of Dallas Hardwood Floor Damage?

The wet substrate provides constant moisture, wicking into unfinished bottoms and edges of the hardwood strips and planks. They swell, pushing up on the hardwood. Thus begins the distortion of the top, visible layer, secondary to the original water event. As hardwood absorbs the water, the following is possible:

  • Cupping -- edges of hardwood lengths push up, dropping the center of each plank or strip to resemble a cross-section of a cup
  • Crowning -- hardwood pieces swell up in the center
  • Buckling -- damage severe enough to disengage the hardwood from the subfloor

What SERVPRO Emergency Services Provide Water Damage Remediation for Hardwood Floors?

  • Reducing the relative humidity to 30% to 45%
  • Increasing room temperature to increase evaporation
  • Positioning air movers, directing air floor under and over the hardwood
  • Using floor mats adhered to the hardwood, connected to negative pressure extractors, pulling moisture through several layers via hoses
  • Perforating floor finishes acting as a vapor barrier with a pin roller (only if needed)
  • Drying the floor from the story beneath, removing ceiling tiles for better flow

Do not give up before consulting SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas at (214) 361-7887 about water-damaged hardwood floors. We have the tools and training to restore the flooring to preloss condition.

What to Do When a Tornado Causes Water Damage to your Dallas Home

8/1/2021 (Permalink)

broken floor boards after severe storm damage Storm damage due to tornadoes can be severe. Our team is standing by 24/7 with equipment and technicians to remediate any damage.

Cleaning Up Water Damage in Your Dallas Home

There is nothing quite like the horrific damage a tornado can cause to your Dallas home. Most people might think that the wind and flying debris are the only concerns in these storms. However, tornadoes can bring large amounts of rain that can cause just as much if not more damage as the wind. Depending on just how much damage has occurred determines how extensive it is to clean it all up. Water damage from these storms can be so severe and deceiving that it often cannot be seen by the average person. To be on the safe side, you should rely on the professionals at SERVPRO.

Regardless of who conducts the clean-up, making sure it is done safely has to be the highest priority. With this in mind, secure all electrical power to the home or building. This way, there are no risks of electrocution. Next, make sure that anyone involved in the clean-up is aware of any other hazards that may be present. These could be broken glass, sharp objects like protruding nails, or even water damaged sub-flooring that may make a structure unsafe.

Now that the clean-up can be done safely, it is time to call your insurance company and have an adjuster survey the damage. Walk around with them, and make a list of all the damaged furniture and personal items. This way, you are sure to get them replaced.

Water Removal Services

After that, you can get all the debris and water removed from the house. Getting a large amount of water and damaged materials removed can be done by almost anyone. However, water damage can get more extensive than some would think. For instance, if the walls of a home were exposed to water damage, there is a great chance it wasn't just confined to the surface of the wall. The insulation and electrical wiring may have been damaged as well. This is a reason to call on the IICRC-certified team at SERVPRO, as they have the most experience in cleaning up after natural disasters.

Once everything has been cleaned up and dried out, the full extent of the damage can be determined, and rebuilding can begin. As the insurance adjuster reviews your options of completing the repairs, it is wise to remember that SERVPRO can truly show their value as they put your house back together like the tornado never happened.  

Tornadoes are one of the most terrifying natural disasters. If your home is damaged by one, call your local SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas at (214) 361-7887. They have the tools and knowledge to get your home back to where it was before the damage.

Dallas Water Damage Classification Criteria

7/8/2021 (Permalink)

monopoly house in a puddle SERVPRO provides water damage mitigation from puddles to floods for your Dallas home

What are the Classifications for Water Damage?

Any time water pools where it shouldn't, damage is done to the affected area. Dallas water damage can be minor or disastrous, depending on the origin and extent. Leaking roofs, faulty pipes, pumps, or uncontrollable forces of nature can all contribute to the damage that may be fixed quickly or result in the total loss of a building's structural integrity. To distinguish the levels of damage done, insurance companies utilize a classification system established by the IICRC. Each classification is determined by the amount of water, absorption, and the expected evaporation rate, with class 1 being the lowest and class 4 the greatest in each factor.

Class 1 Water Damage: Refers to the least severe amount of damage that can occur, affecting only a small area with little to no absorption in soft materials, such as carpeting. Class 1 water damage in Dallas is the least expensive category to deal with and usually is caused by a small leak in a roof or appliance overflow. Even if a small amount of flooding occurs, the water is easy to remove and may require only a minimal amount of evaporation.

Class 2 Water Damage: Occurs when an entire room is affected, and the water has damaged wood-grained materials. Dallas Class 2 water damage includes some structural damage in the framework, drywall, and flooring of a location. This category also considers the height of the water. So long as any flooding has stayed below the 24-inch mark, it is still a class 2. Damage of this kind is typical of a sump pump failure, and if quickly noticed and expeditiously handled, the water can be drained and the area dried out before significant structural damage occurs.

Class 3 Water Damage: Any situation in which the water damage has severely affected a building without irreparably compromising its structural integrity is categorized as class 3 water damage. Class 3 water damage poses health risks for a building's inhabitants and typically requires the involvement of an insurance company to resolve. This level of damage is caused by burst pipes or water coming from overhead through a collapsed ceiling. If not handled quickly and effectively, a property with class 3 water damage may later be deemed unsalvageable.

Class 4 Water Damage: The fourth class of water damage is also referred to as a "specialty drying situation." In class 4, even materials with low permeance and porosity, including concrete, hardwood, and plaster, have been saturated. In most cases, this is considered a total loss. A building with class 4 water damage has had its fundamental structure compromised and requires nearly all its materials to be replaced. Drying out such a location requires a low and specific humidity to be maintained, which isn't possible in most cases. This level of damage is usually caused by a natural disaster, such as a severe flood.

Water Damage Repairs

The amount of water, the materials affected, and the expected evaporation rate all play essential roles in determining the extent of water damage. To make the best repair and salvage decisions, it is advisable to hire an IICRC certified water remediation firm. SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas has been doing water damage remediation for over 40 years in the Dallas area. Our crews can help mitigate most types of damage from your property.

SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas relies on advanced equipment to help to detect hidden moisture, extract the standing water quickly, and thoroughly clean and dry your property and possessions. We finish the job with professional deodorization and sanitizing agents for your comfort and safety. We are ready to help 24/7. Just call (214) 361-7887.

Tie-Dye Tuesday Colors Your Evening Fun In Dallas

11/2/2020 (Permalink)

Dallas skyline SERVPRO covers Dallas after water damage

Feeling Cooped Up? Enjoy the Cool Fall Weather In Dallas Every Tuesday Evening and Make Something Fun

Dallas residents looking for a fun, relaxing activity to do can come to Tie-Dye Tuesday at Ida Claire South of Ordinary!

Tie-Dye Tuesday fun happens from 7-9 pm; each week until November 10, 2020. The weekly get-togethers at Ida Claire allow participants to choose to tie-dye either a t-shirt or a mask. An expert instructor leads the class, so it does not matter if it is your first time or your fiftieth-time tie-dying fabric. While you enjoy the relaxing patio atmosphere, indulge in the delicious Vinyl Hour cocktails and yummy appetizers.

If you would like to participate, the cost is $40 per guest, which includes the choice of tie-dying a mask or t-shirt and all the materials needed. Plus, a ticket for a drink and an appetizer. To reserve your spot, please call Ida Claire at 214-377-8227.

SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas at (214) 361-7887 proudly serves the local community 24/7 for any water damage cleanup and restoration services needed.

How Does Drying Science Influence Home Restoration?

10/14/2020 (Permalink)

drawing/charts Our technicians understand the importance of drying science and how it can impact your home restoration progress.

SERVPRO Technicians Use Their Experience to Facilitate Water Damage Restoration for Your Dallas Home.

A successful restoration project in Dallas consists of careful planning and execution. Otherwise, you may face more damages. Often homeowners do not consider the importance of adequate drying processes and want to jump directly into repairs. However, drying is a critical step after a water leak. Without adequately drying your home, repairs may not be as effective. 

What Conditions Can Technicians Control?

SERVPRO Technicians Work to Facilitate Evaporation and Control Humidity

Our IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) technicians who complete your water damage restoration project in Dallas understand the importance of controlling the drying conditions. Some of the essential factors they take into account are humidity, evaporation levels, and temperature. Without having those things in check, the restoration process can take longer and fail to mitigate secondary damage. 

How Does Humidity and Temperature Impact Drying?

  • High humidity makes materials dry slowly.
  • Low humidity helps materials dry quickly.
  • For optimal drying, technicians keep humidity levels below 60%. 
  • Warm air can hold more water vapor than cooler air, making it take longer to dry.

How Do Technicians Control Humidity and Temperature?

  • The home's HVAC system or portable heating and air conditioning system can help regulate the home's temperature for optimal drying conditions.
  • Dehumidifiers pull excess moisture from out of the air to help lower humidity levels. 
  • Appropriate ventilation assists in lowering humidity levels. 

Our technicians understand the importance of drying science and how it can impact your home restoration progress. They also apply their understanding of psychrometrics, the study of air, to their restoration work. They measure vapor pressure properties, the dew point, temperature before deciding how the humidity and temperature impact during your home. 

For 24/7 assistance, contact SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas at (214) 361-7887. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

What Is the Best Way to Mitigate Water Damage in North Dallas Homes If It Affects Wooden Items?

9/16/2020 (Permalink)

Hands holding home You can trust that your home is in good hands with our experienced technicians at SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Avails Resources that Match the Unique Problems that Arise After Water Damage.

If you have taken time to think of the materials in the structure and contents of your home, you have noticed that a significant percentage are made of wood and its derivatives. Therefore, any water intrusion at your North Dallas home is likely to affect a considerable percentage of wooden materials, which can result in a variety of problems, including rotting, stains, and swelling, among others. 

What determines the level of water damage when my Northern Dallas home is exposed? 

A variety of issues can influence the outcome of a water intrusion incident. How the water reaches the materials in question is one such factor. The common ways our SERVPRO technicians have observed water interacting with materials over the years include: 

  • Topical application 
  • Wicking through the materials 
  • Gravity aided flow 

Topical applications, such as when fire suppression sprinklers spray jets of water on materials, might cause minimal penetration if remedial actions such as extraction or blotting with towels are taken immediately. Water flows through gravity forces when a leak originates in an elevated area. For instance, after a leak in an upper level of your house, the water would flow to the ground level areas, thus spreading wetness over large areas. However, the motion involved can limit the amount of moisture that wooden materials absorb since they are mostly semi-porous. Finally, moisture-wicking through materials takes time to spread. However, severe damage is more likely since the affected materials are saturated to the core. 

How easy is it to establish the type of damages caused by water intrusion? 

Although you might have an idea what damage to expect based on the level of water intrusion, estimating that level of intrusion in wooden items might not be easy. One common way to check moisture levels in materials is by using scan type moisture meters, which simplifies the process of tracing moisture spread patterns around your property. However, such tools may be less productive when dealing with wooden materials since they sense moisture up to a depth of around 3/4 to 1 inch.  

If you fail to get an accurate picture of the situation, you are not likely to take the correct steps to mitigate the situation. For instance, your drying efforts might not remove all traces of excess moisture in a block of wood. Alternatively, it might take longer than you expect to normalize the moisture content. Both scenarios can lead to secondary issues such as mold development. Our SERVPRO technicians use other tools such as pin-type moisture meters and thermal cameras when taking moisture readings to confirm the results we get from non-penetrative moisture meters. 

What other challenges does wood present apart from moisture detection issues? 

  • Barriers such as paint and wallpaper hindering smooth drying  
  • False negatives when checking moisture in plywood because of adhesives 
  • The need to use different drying procedures at different stages  
  • Hardwood flooring underlayment interfering with drying 

After establishing the level of wetness in wooden materials, steps such as improving the evaporation rate should help restore the standard 10% moisture content levels. However, if the materials have a finish such as paint or wallpaper, you are not likely to get the results you expect. Such finishes act as vapor barriers interfering with drying procedures. Our SERVPRO crews can help by using specialized tools such as perforation rollers to break the barriers. In case the material is part of a wall or other assembly, we can open up the area so that we can access parts of the materials unaffected by the barriers and thus perform drying as usual. 

Restoring materials such as wet wooden floorboards requires different drying procedures to guarantee the right outcome. After extracting any water pooling on the floor surface, our technicians switch to drying mats to bring down the moisture levels. However, once the moisture content reaches 14%, using drying mats is no longer tenable because fiber structure damage can happen. An alternative drying method, such as using drying chambers, is desirable since it prevents excessive shrinking of the material. Drying chambers can help provide precise drying for various items. For the wooden floors, our SERVPRO technicians create the chamber by attaching a plastic sheet over the wet floor and then circulating dehumidified air inside the tented area.  

Although there is no single approach that can resolve all water damage issues, a resourceful team can help you overcome all problems. Call SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas at (214) 361-7887. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Can I Restore My Wet Carpet in Dallas Without Removing It?

9/6/2020 (Permalink)

flooded living room with floating furniture Extracting water from your home is hard but we can handle it efficiently. Contact SERVPRO for professional remediation and mitigation services.

SERVPRO Simplifies Water Restoration in Dallas Properties by Using Advanced Equipment

A wet carpet can lead to many problems in your house, including bad odor and mold development. A wet carpet is also vulnerable to staining or stretching, among other problems. Removing the carpet from your Dallas house for offsite drying helps improve the efficiency of the process. However, it also presents challenges, including tearing or damaging the carpet in other ways. 

What makes carpet removal necessary during water restoration in Dallas properties? 

Although you might consider the decision to remove the carpet a matter of convenience, some factors can force your hand. Typical reasons include: 

  • Presence of contaminants in the spilled water 
  • Inability to extract all the water that saturates the material 
  • Severe damages such as stretching, tears or delaminating 

Our SERVPRO water restoration technicians use their advanced skills and equipment to manage most of the aspects that force unnecessary carpet removal. 

How can I drain all the water from the carpet? 

Since carpet materials are porous, the fibers absorb and hold water making it difficult to remove all traces of water from carpeted areas. Drying might not be possible under such circumstances. Our technicians have established simple ways to counter the problem. We rely on three crucial factors: 

  • Weight 
  • Sufficient vacuum lift 
  • Sustained action over the affected areas 

When you place something heavy on a carpet, it pushes the water to the surface where you can scoop it off comfortably. Our SERVPRO technicians use weighted extraction tools which provide the necessary squeezing power. The tools have a series of tiny holes on the bottom section that comes into contact with the wet surfaces allowing easier suction of the water.  

Even with the right tools, sustained action is necessary to remove all the water. Our technicians can make several passes on a section of the carpet, ensuring sufficient extraction by using self-propelled extractors that the technician rides.  

With the right skills, it is easier to perform water restoration. Call SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas at (214) 361-7887 to help manage any issue that develops, “Like it never even happened.”

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How Can Homeowners Save Money After Water Damages Their Dallas Home?

5/4/2020 (Permalink)

burst copper pipe Burst Pipes Can Lead to Significant Water Damage in Dallas

SERVPRO' s Expertise Saves Homeowners Money with Fast Water Extraction

Water damage from weather, broken plumbing or improper drainage can be a crushing blow to a homeowner. At this time in summer, Texas weather brings the constant threat of thunderstorms. In many neighborhoods, families barely have the opportunity to dry out from the last storm before another one hits.

At SERVPRO, we understand how important water removal is in Dallas to get back into your home. Depending on the amount of water and how much of your home has been flooded, this process may take only a day or two. Under severe volumes of standing water, the process may take over a week for complete drying. Our team of technicians will work to make the process as painless as possible for you.

Our locally owned offices maintain a 24-hour response team specializing in floodwater removal (regardless if it is rainwater or otherwise). This mitigation will begin in less than a day so that any standing water is pumped out as quickly as possible. SERVPRO owns and keeps on site, an extensive inventory of pumps and water extractors designed for private homes. Each office also maintains its generators to support our teams and equipment. Having some of the best equipment in the removal business is useless if you can't use it when the city electrical grid may be knocked out.

After the water has been removed, our technicians use a series of blowers and exhaust fans to remove any remaining, excess moisture. To remove excess humidity and hopefully prevent the growth of mold, we also use specialized dehumidifiers when needed. Drywall and floor trim are particularly vulnerable to mold infestation if they are not dried out or removed quickly. Some of the same equipment we use for removal is also useful to restore carpets and carpet padding. In addition to the fans and blowers, our teams also maintain a specialized set of vacuums, mat wet vacs and heaters to extract water from carpets and wood flooring. In just a few minutes after getting soaked, dyes and inks begin to bleed from cloth and paper. It is usually too late for those goods to be salvaged, but our highly trained technicians can recover and restore furniture to prevent it from losing paint or varnish. If water is removed quickly enough, floor staining and carpet color can be saved as well.

If you are concerned about preventing damage, you can contact us for a free inspection or if you have need of our services now, call us at (214) 361-7887. As a locally owned business, SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas is dedicated to restoring the homes of our neighbors.

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What Can Be Used to Dry Wet Carpeting in Dallas Homes?

4/2/2020 (Permalink)

edge of carpeting on hardwood floor Don't let water damage your carpet. Call us for fast remediation.

Our SERVPRO Team Uses Carpet Wands in Dallas Homes to Restore Flooring 

Water loss incidents pose a significant risk to Dallas residences, especially when migrating water directly penetrates porous materials like carpeting. Wet flooring can become a costly restoration expense when saturation moves into the padding beneath carpeting and eventually to the subflooring and support materials. 

Carpet wands are an accessory of wet vacuums that our SERVPRO professionals use for water removal in Dallas homes. These attachments to the extractor allow our technicians to pull a considerable volume of trapped moisture from both the carpet and padding to prevent migration that can damage the subflooring like OSB board or plywood underneath. Carpet wands are a conventional first step. 

How does SERVPRO remove water from carpets?  

  • Use moisture meters to determine the damage
  • Carpet wands to remove initial saturation
  • Air movers and drying equipment to remove lingering moisture 

With the right equipment and approach, we can help to dry out your home after a loss quickly. Give our SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas team a call at (214) 361-7887. 

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Have you Experienced Water Damage in Your Dallas Home’s Laundry Room?

4/1/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO truck backed into driveway of home Our trucks show up on time and carry equipment needed to restore your home of any damage big or small. We are available 24/7, call us day or night.

SERVPRO is Equipped to Remove Water From Dallas Homes After Washing Machine Failures

Unless it is laundry day, most people do not think twice about their washing machines. An event as small as a supply hose wearing out or improper connection to the wall can result in the potential for the spillage of more than 600 gallons requiring fast water removal to prevent extreme damage to the home. Replacing the supply hose every five years helps lower the chance of this happening.

When a laundry room in Dallas flooded due to a supply hose failure in a washing machine, the water quickly ran to adjoining rooms before the homeowner could turn off the water. The homeowner called SERVPRO and our technicians arrived within a few hours to begin the cleanup process. Since this was a clean water spill, and elimination efforts were beginning so soon after the event, there was no danger of contamination or toxins.

Because of the large area of standing water and need to get it out of the home as fast as possible, truck-mounted pumps were used to vacuum out the water. Soaked baseboards in the laundry room were pulled loose so no moisture would be trapped behind the wood. Weep holes were not necessary as the water did not affect the drywall directly.

Industrial air movers were set up to direct the flow of air up and out while the dehumidifier kept the moisture levels low in the room for complete drying. Once dry and digital detectors confirmed no residual moisture remained, the surfaces were wiped down with professional-grade antifungals to inhibit mold. Even clean water leaves a unique calling card after the fact with a distinctive odor. A ULV fogger was used to neutralize all traces of odor.

SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas is a local company available for water removal when you need us 24/7. Call (214) 361-7887 and one of our certified technicians can begin the process to restore your home to its preloss condition.

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Water Damage In Your Dallas Home

2/29/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged home Our goal is to leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

Your Carpets in Dallas Are Begging For Love

An essential part of being a homeowner involves taking care of all aspects of your home. It is not sufficient to pay your electric bill and keep up the landscaping; you also need to be vigilant of seemingly random occurrences, such as a spot on your ceiling or floor. Discoloration can point to a leak, and the ensuing water damage can be disastrous. Like most things in life, the advice of a professional team can help you both in preventing accidents and in resolving them when they occur.

Homeowners with water damage in Dallas can rely on SERVPRO to be the trustworthy advisor in your home restoration. Our team is available 24/7 when a pipe bursts and soaks your carpets, and it is also available for their general upkeep. You may tap into our expertise by merely placing a call and allowing us to arrive at your home to develop a clear action plan. Whether you want to perform some preventive maintenance or need to restoration services, we are here for you.

The preventive aspect of cleaning your carpets is essential in increasing their life. In the course of daily life, we bring dust and debris into the home, and it settles into the fibers of your carpet. Our SERVPRO team chooses from a cadre of techniques applicable to cleaning your rugs, carpets, and other porous materials in your home. In the course of evaluating your needs, we may choose to clean your carpets through hot water extraction, which is ideal for light soil projects. If your needs are widespread, we may use a cleaning wand and industry-grade shampoo and rinse to loosen accumulated dirt and lift it from your home. For more significant areas, we could utilize machinery that allows for the more comfortable spread of cleaning solutions and provides more significant agitation to eliminate dirt and minimize drying time.

Whether you're proactive or reactive in the care of your home and its carpets, SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas is here to help. Call us at (214) 361-7887 whenever you identify a need and let us do the heavy lifting. Our goal is to leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

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The Water Left a Funky Smell in Your Dallas Home.

11/16/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO truck parked in front of a home. Don’t let water damage leave a smell living in your Dallas home. SERVPRO will be there to help.

SERVPRO will get the water damaged smell out of your Dallas home.

Water damage can happen regardless of how careful you are as a homeowner.  Whether you live in an aging home or brand new construction, a pipe may burst, or an appliance may malfunction.  With any luck, the restoration process is simple, and the event does not impact your life severely. However, it is not uncommon to have the effects of a water leak continue to surface even when you think the damage is a thing of the past.  More often than not, unanticipated effects occur when you do not contract a professional service to remedy the situation when it happens. Their expertise is essential in understanding your current needs and the steps to avoid future complications.

SERVPRO is your local water damage expert in Dallas. Our team trains with industry experts to restore homes after an emergency happens. Our partnership with each homeowner begins as soon as you place a call to our 24/7 line, and our Green Fleet arrives at your place.  Once we confirm that your home is safe to enter, we conduct a thorough assessment of the damages and begin the water extraction and drying process. As we move along, we work with you to salvage as much of your belongings as possible, which we achieve thanks to our industry-specific tools.

One of the issues that come up after a water event at home is the smell it leaves behind.  Even when you think all is dry, you may still perceive a strange odor in your home. Our SERVPRO crew can use different methods to eradicate the smell, including direct spraying of your home, air scrubbers, and fogging.  These methods are complementary to one another, and their use depends on the type of surface we are cleaning. For example, we will spray your home only when we know that discoloration is unlikely or irrelevant. The same principle applies to wet fogging, which needs to be done carefully to avoid oversaturation of items such as rugs and carpets. 

SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas is much more than a restoration service.  We are also your trusted advisor in protecting your home.  When you call us at (214) 361-7887, you find a partner in making sure your home looks “Like it never even happened.” 

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Our Trained Professionals Are Ready To Restore Your Dallas Home After Water Damage

6/20/2019 (Permalink)

Water damaged this home when the flat roof of the structure started to leak. We arrived right away to begin restoration to prevent further damage.

How Water Damage Can Ruin Your Hardwood Floors And Furniture

Forgetting to shut off the water in your sink after brushing teeth can have severe repercussions for your floors. The next morning, you may wake up in your Dallas bedroom and find yourself putting your feet down into a puddle of sink water. Overflow from a bathroom faucet can efficiently run into adjacent rooms, causing damage to hardwood floors and furniture.

If you have experienced water damage in Dallas to the floors and furniture because of a moment of forgetfulness, then contact SERVPRO. Our water damage restoration technicians (WRT) can arrive at your home in a matter of hours to begin the inspection process. Once we have assessed the extent of the damage in your house, we can get to work removing spillage. The longer that wood remains submerged, the higher the chance of permanent damage. Wood can swell, warp, and eventually crack after long term water exposure, so it is important that you contact professionals who can work quickly and efficiently. Our tech crews utilize industrial grade wet vacs and pump to extract standing water from your floors rapidly.

Hardwood floors often have water resistance lacquers on their surface; however, water can eventually seep through these barriers and reach the fragile wood below. Once wet, wood can cup and warp, so we can use air movers in conjunction with dehumidifiers to quickly dry large sections of your floor. Your floors can then be sanded and refinished if necessary.

Furniture faces similar problems as wood flooring. However, furniture is more likely to dry unevenly, leaving behind ugly water lines. Our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified techs can wipe down wooden sections of your nightstands and chairs to help prevent the formation of water lines.

Contact SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas if the beautiful wood floors and furniture in your home are threatened by water damage. We are available 24/7 at (214) 361-7887, so call us as soon as possible!

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Don’t Stress Over Water Damage Remediation in Your Dallas Residence

6/8/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage remediation can cause chaos in your home. Contact SERVPRO today for assistance.

Mitigating the Various Effects of Water Damage in Your Dallas Home 

If that water damage incident in your home is not urgently attended to, then long-term wetness can ruin your contents and interior finishes in one way or the other. Prompt actions can prevent further damage and reduce the chances of having to replace more items than necessary. Let us look at some of the processes that we use to restore various structures within your Dallas home.

Permanent repairs in your Dallas property may not take place immediately after a water damage event unless the building is thoroughly dry. For instance, the subfloor, which is mainly composed of layers of submerged wood, may swell after coming into contact with the water. When attending to such situations, our SERVPRO technicians replace the affected sections to prevent possible buckling. It is also essential to inspect for warping before new flooring can be installed.

When wood sits in water for an extended period, it may eventually start to swell, break, or crack. If that happens, it is normal for the wood joints to become weak since they are fragile. Our SERVPRO technicians have the equipment to extract water from your home as well as dry and clean your wooden furniture. By thoroughly drying the wood, we protect it from possible mold growth.

Our SERVPRO technicians also inspect the state of the structure's insulation. We remove any matted insulation, which is usually popular with rockwood and cellulose insulations. On the other hand, it is possible to clean and dry fiberglass insulation since it does not permanently lose its insulating capability, even after being exposed to wetness. Though, the insulation’s vapor barriers may also slow the drying speed. Where necessary, we drill holes into wall cavities and then force air through the holes to enhance evaporation. We can also remove wet drywall when we find much moisture.

At SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas, We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster whether it is in your commercial or residential property. We are experienced in water, fire, storm, and mold damage cleaning and restoration. Call (214) 361-7887 and get a chance of working with our highly trained team.

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Call Our Crew When The HVAC Pipes In Your Dallas Home Get Clogged And Cause Water Damage

5/8/2019 (Permalink)

Our helpline is (214) 361-7887, and you can contact us 24/7/365 for help.

How To Handle Water Damage In Your Dallas Residence Caused By Clogged HVAC Pipes

No one considers the HVAC system as a threat, but it is usually installed inside a home and can hold large volumes of water that must be transferred outside. If HVAC pipes clog, they may cause the water to back up and spill on the attic floor, ceiling, and walls.

When the drain is clogged, the HVAC system can spill water every time you turn it on, leading to costly water damage to your Dallas residence. You may end up having to replace some items like your ceiling if this problem goes on for an extended period. When you discover water damage in your house, it is advisable to seek the services of a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO.

Our restoration experts can help you extract water, eliminate debris, dry out, and repair your home to make it safe for you and your family. We have sophisticated water removal and drying equipment to deal with the water loss quickly. Our professional grade water extractors can get the affected surfaces back to nearly 100 percent dry condition.

Our SERVPRO technicians restore water damaged structures while abiding by The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards. We can use pumps or shop-vacs to remove any standing water from your attic and mitigate the damage on the floor of the attic and the ceiling. We can also use air moving equipment to circulate air at high volumes throughout the affected areas to facilitate the drying process.

Our technicians can also use dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air and moisture meters to monitor the drying process every day. When restoring attics, working with insulation is often necessary. We can use insulation vacuums to dry and save fiberglass insulation. If there is wet sheetrock under the insulation, it may be impossible to restore it. We can replace the affected sheetrock to repair the attic floor. Our technicians can also monitor other contents that may have been exposed to high humidity or water for cleaning and deodorization needs.

If you have a water loss, SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas can handle your emergency water damage restoration project promptly and to your satisfaction. We can make the water loss incident look “Like it never even happened.” Our helpline is (214) 361-7887, and you can contact us 24/7/365 for help.

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If Your Dallas Bathroom Experiences A Water Damage Disaster, We Can Help!

4/5/2019 (Permalink)

Give our skilled crew a call right away at (214) 361-7887 so we can check things out and restore any damage we find before it gets out of hand.

Water Cleanup For Your Dallas Bathroom After A Leak Is Found

A majority of the plumbing joints and pipes in your Dallas home are behind the walls, which makes it difficult to detect water damage signs. You need to pay close attention to things such as moisture on the walls, flooring, and stains which can give you clues for plumbing problems that are out of sight. Do not ignore any leaks around the bathtub or toilet. Unless you fix them right away, they can lead to more significant issues and expensive repairs.

If you suspect that you have a moisture problem in your Dallas home and need water cleanup services, get in touch with a professional remediation company right away. SERVPRO has the equipment and trained staff to be able to help you around the clock. Do not hesitate to reach out, as the longer you do, the more damage your home sustains.

Keeping an eye on your bathroom can help prevent major disasters. The toilet is one of the most vulnerable spots in your residence. Leaks related to your toilet often involve both sewage and clean water, adding to health hazards and the potential damage to your structure. The water lines on your toilet should be frequently checked. Look for leaks around the seat, in the water hose, and underneath the tank. If the floor feels soft, the damage is already going on.

When you have a leak, SERVPRO techs can use special moisture meters to determine the level of moisture in certain materials like drywall and flooring. We also use thermal imaging cameras to inspect and monitor moisture in building materials we work to restore the affected area. If any subflooring or drywall is damaged beyond repair, it is removed and replaced.

Another area to watch for moisture is around your bathtub and shower. A large amount of water is used in these areas daily. If you find any cracked or missing tiles, these need to be replaced immediately, as water can get behind the tiles. Also, if there is any missing grout, this needs to be repaired for the same reason. The caulking joints should also be checked where the walls meet the tub or floor, and if they are cracked, they need to be replaced.

SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas of knows how to find any hidden moisture in your home in Preston Hollow, Northwest Dallas, or Dallas when you believe there is an issue. Give our skilled crew a call right away at (214) 361-7887 so we can check things out and restore any damage we find before it gets out of hand.

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Hey, Dallas Homeowner! Water Loss Mitigation Gets Done by SERVPRO--Real Fast

4/4/2019 (Permalink)

When a Squeegee Isn't Enough for Water Removal from Your Dallas Home or Office--Call SERVPRO Real Fast

The Process of Turning Around Water Damage in Dallas Properties

Many people think that cleaning up after water damage means mopping or throwing down towels on the floor and setting up a fan or two to dry any water the towels or mop did not pick up. One of the main factors affecting the restoration of a structure and contents is the amount of time it was saturated before cleanup efforts began and another important factor is if any residual moisture remains.

Dallas Water Damage Comes in Many Forms

When there is a hot water tank failure, pipe burst or even a leak in a roof allowing rain into the home, the water you can see may be all you assume needs to be cleaned up. The problem can go much deeper. In the case of moisture behind drywall, vapor barriers can hold moisture and become a perfect host for mold growth. When flooring is drenched, the subflooring underneath can retain moisture and cause a host of issues. In almost every circumstance, having your property cleaned professionally by our team at SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas can help you avoid potential repairs or replacement cost from secondary damages.

Our Dallas water damage technicians use several state-of-the-art moisture detection devices including moisture sensors that can show if there is any residual moisture in baseboards, walls or carpeting. Moisture meters are a valuable tool used to determine how much moisture in various materials and how we define when an affected area is truly dry. We can use devices with sharp probes or flat surfaces, depending on the material being checked. Thermal imaging can be used in cases where probes cannot adequately measure the moisture within structures. Color imaging on a small visual screen indicates temperature variations, a possible indication of dampness or water. Thermohygrometers measure humidity, vapor pressure and dew point. This measurement is essential for determining the baseline indoor humidity in unaffected areas of the property so drying goals can be established.

Quick Water Extraction is a Key Element

Sometimes when our water damage restoration team arrives at a local site, often the property owner has done some water clean up before our arrival. What they often find shocking is the amount of water still left in carpeting, furnishings, walls, and flooring. For fast extraction, we utilize the power behind both portable and truck mounted extractors. Weighted extractors are ideal for pushing water out of carpeting and upholstery. For large amounts of water, we can pull it out of a home or business quickly using our truck-mounted pumps. Bottom line: the more thoroughly water is extracted, the faster the home or business dries.

How SERVPRO Dries Properties So Quickly

Our technicians have an array of tools that are often used in tandem to reduce moisture quickly in a property. Our SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas technicians are certified in the science of Psychometry, the study of air and control of moisture content and its effects. This training enables the technicians to choose the right configuration of high-grade air movers, high-velocity axial fans, industrial heaters and dehumidifiers on a case by case basis for the best results. The air movers are vital to the drying process as they are positioned to draw moisture air to the surface and the dehumidifiers eliminate the moisture as it rises. Our goal is to work quickly and cause as little disruption to your home or business as possible during our restoration efforts. Whenever possible, we dry furnishings in place, setting the legs on foil and raised on blocks of wood or dense foam.

Carpeting is not automatically a loss if it has absorbed water. With our extraction methods, we can pull much of the water from within the padding. Using a method such as "floating" where strong currents of air are directed under the carpeting, it can often be dried in place and saved. In the cases where carpeting cannot be dried in place but appears to be restorable, our technicians can suggest removal to a drying facility or to another location at the property. Padding is often discarded, not worth the effort nor the expense to salvage.

In-Plant Restoration Services

There are times contents cannot be dried on-site. In those cases, with the permission of the property owner, our technicians pack and more items for in-plant servicing. In the case of upholstered furnishings or carpeting, both can often be saved through our restoration methods. Our goal is always to restore rather than replace whenever possible, and our specialized restoration techniques for books and papers use the same recovery methods as the Library of Congress for historical documents. Lyophilization has saved many an important document or manuscript.

Leaving No Reminders of Water Damage Behind

Although drying the structure and contents eliminates a good deal of the unpleasant odor, there are additional steps taken to ensure there are no traces left either visually or offend the olfactory sense. Thoroughly hand-cleaning using our proprietary cleaning solutions eliminate bacteria and fungus along with leaving a pleasant, clean scent. In many cases, this is enough to take care of any residual odors left behind.

When the Water Odor is Bigger Than Hand Cleaning Can Handle

While our cleaning methods may banish any lingering odors. Sometimes, the odor left behind requires robust methods to eliminate it. When the scent additive in cleaning products is not enough, another masking agent that works often comes in the form of time-release gel beads. For strong odors, our Odor Control Technicians utilize ultra-low volume fogging. This method uses a solvent that is released as fog, and it changes the makeup of the odor at the molecular level neutralizing it. We can also utilize mechanical means of odor control by stationing HEPA filtered air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators.

Avoiding Mold after Water Damage

Mold is a real concern and our approach to water removal and cleanup addresses making the structure and contents non-supportive for mold growth at every step. Along with lowering moisture, our powerful antifungal cleaning agents leave surfaces unfriendly for mold growth. A common home remedy that gets repeated often is to spray bleach on areas after cleaning. That never addresses mold spores and colonies that have extensive hyphae, root-like structures embedded in porous materials like drywall. SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas provides the correct remedies to inhibit mold proliferation.

Do not take on the task of water removal from your home on your own. Whether it is a little or a lot of water causing you stress, contact SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas, and let our technicians professionally clean and restore your property to its preloss condition. We are proud to serve the City of Dallas, Texas and areas in 75240, 75230, and 75220.

Our Water Damage Experts Can Restore Your Home In Dallas To Pre-Damage Condition

3/21/2019 (Permalink)

In case of a water spill in your property, call SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas at (214) 361-7887 any time.

How Simple Steps Ensure Convenience During Water Removal In Dallas

Sometimes water loss happens due to simple mistakes during routine procedures such as setting up a newly purchased washing machine. If you fail to hookup the appliance properly, a significant water spill can occur causing damages on the floor, subfloors, and materials in the immediate surroundings. Removing such water fast is crucial. Specific steps taken during the process can increase convenience.

Water soaks into porous materials such as carpets fast complicating the process of water removal in Dallas properties. Drying the water may necessitate removing the carpet, which is a tedious process and there is a risk of damaging the carpet, baseboards or other materials. In-place drying is another viable option, but it takes time and increases the risk of mold development in the property. Our SERVPRO technicians rely on simple approaches such as floating carpets for efficient in-place drying. During this process, we place the air mover vent below the carpet allowing the carpet and the floor below to dry evenly.

Water removal processes can soil the house with debris and other wastes especially if flood cuts or vent holes are necessary to remove water from wall cavities. Cleaning such debris from the property can extend the water removal process. Our SERVPRO technicians rely on simple steps such as covering items with plastic sheets or creating containment zones where they open up wall cavities limiting the areas they soil in the process. Such steps guarantee a quicker conclusion of the removal processes.

Water removal can take days, weeks or even longer especially if it migrates to many sections of the property. A longer wait can be a great inconvenience to the occupants because it might force them to move out of the property. Our SERVPRO technicians take several steps to expedite the process. We use high capacity equipment such as truck mounted water extractors to remove standing water fast. We also use several units of air movers and dehumidifiers to dry wet materials rapidly minimizing the period affected areas remain wet.

In case of a water spill in your property, call SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas at (214) 361-7887 any time. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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How Experts Fix Bad Odors during Water Removal in Dallas

7/23/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Freshens Up Your Dallas Home during a Water Damage Service

SERVPRO Can Provide Odor Control Along with Water Removal Services

Flooded properties or those affected by excessive moisture undergo several restoration steps to return to their original state. In addition to the initial water removal and drying, other processes might be necessary to ensure a habitable environment. Combating smells fall under this category of additional remedial procedures. Eliminating odors after flooding is not always easy, but an expert can help take care of the problem.
The expert you choose to restore the effects of water damage in Dallas is better placed to understand why there is a bad odor after your property has been cleaned and dried. Sewage, dead animals, pet waste and trash, can all cause pungent smells. When water floods your property, it can collect any such material present and deposit it in hard-to-reach spaces where it is easy to miss in a casual cleanup. However, most water damage is the result of interior issues with appliances or leaky plumbing. When our SERVPRO technicians handle the cleanup, they rely on their extensive working experience and training to identify such problematic areas.
Our technicians at SERVPRO are trained to use different deodorization procedures to ensure your property regains its natural odors. For example, before identifying the source of the bad smell, the technician can use a masking agent with a pleasant smell. This helps keep your property habitable until the problem is resolved. Tools like Thermal Foggers can also be used to release a dense fog of solvent-based deodorizers into confined spaces. The deodorant particles pair with the odor causing particles neutralizing them.

In case mold or mildew is detected, our technician can use a disinfectant and sanitizer. It is a challenge to eliminate such growth even when hidden inside wall cavities by use of specialized equipment such as Ultra Low Foggers, which inject the antifungal agent directly to the affected area. Depending on the severity of the situation, other equipment like Hydroxyl generators and Ozone machines can also be used. However, the latter might only be applicable when the property is vacant. Waterborne odors have many sources; the best remedy is to extract the water, dry the residual moisture to standard interior levels, and then start with the "nose test."
Call SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas at (214) 361-7887, and our experienced technicians can work with you to find a perfect solution for your problem.

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Water Removal Actions in Dallas Homes

6/30/2018 (Permalink)

When your toilet or sink overflows, the damage can happen almost instantaneously. Contact SERVPRO for effective remediation efforts.

Team SERVPRO Arrives on the Scene Quickly to Dry Out Your Water Damaged Property

Despite some of the incredible storms over the last couple of years, most flooding in Dallas homes comes from very mundane sources like a broken toilet, backed up sink, or a split hose on a clothes washer. Regardless of the source, getting this water out of the home needs to happen quickly and without causing further damage.
SERVPRO restoration offices have the devices and training needed for professional water removal in Dallas homes. Each one keeps a response team on call for 24/7 customer support and ready with the latest in residential, restoration equipment.
When possible, our team leader works with the customer to get pictures of the home before he sets foot on the property. Pictures help him determine what devices and personnel to bring on the initial visit. They also help him determine roughly if the job may take anywhere from one day to a week or longer.
Once on-site, the first item off the truck is normally a pump. Depending on the size of the home and how much water is standing inside it, removal usually takes one or two days, sometimes longer in very large homes or apartment buildings. Pumping out standing water takes care of the majority of it, but some remains.
For smaller amounts of water, our response team switches to extraction wands. These smaller devices are very useful in removing water that only covers the surface an inch or so. When handled by a SERVPRO professional, they also work exceptionally well in drawing water out of carpets and from between the boards of wood floors. The wands we use also house a heating element, so technicians can also start to dry the carpets and floors carefully simultaneously.
For concrete floors in garages and patios, team members generally use long-handled squeegees to push the water off the floor. Although there is no carpet to rot or wood to warp, water left standing too long can work its way into the smallest fracture and force cracks across the surface.
The goal of SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas is to return each home to its original, dry state before water spread across the floors. If you have this situation in your home now or are dealing with the effects of a previous flood, call us at (214) 361-7887 today to schedule an inspection and receive a free estimate. We are here for you.

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Learn to Return Your Home to Its Pre-loss state After a Water Damage Event in Dallas

5/11/2018 (Permalink)

Contact SERVPRO for fast and efficient water damage restoration services.

SERVPRO Can Restore Your Home after Water Damage to its Pre-Loss Condition

When your home or business experiences water damage, you need restoration services to return your property to its former condition. When in such a state, it is the equipment that professionals in the industry use that make the difference. As a resident of Dallas, act quickly and contact certified service providers to control the damage and know what to replace and what is restorable.

Our SERVPRO technicians undergo training and know how to approach the various forms of water damage that are common in Dallas. Before the actual restoration begins, we conduct a site inspection to analyze the degree of damage as well as possible hazards. At this time we identify sagging ceilings, electrical risks, compromised floors, and faulty plumbing. We also stop the source of the water if it is still running.

If for instance, when we are addressing water damage in the crawl and attic spaces, one of the first things we do is to shut off the electrical circuits. If the water instruction was as a result of fallen branches or trees on the roofs, we also go ahead and examine the entire roof construction. Since some attics may be hard to access due to limited space, we may perform minor demolitions and remove sheetrock if necessary. Sheetrock removal also makes it easy to dry the wet areas.

Most of our homes have wallpapers, HVAC, and cabinets that present challenges when drying your structure. When our SERVPRO technicians need to dry walls behind closets, we may drill holes into the walls so that air circulation can take place. Once they are dry, then we may cover or patch the holes.

Wallpapers also act as moisture barriers, and even if dehumidifiers are allowed to run, efficient moisture removal is not possible. That means we remove the vinyl wall coverings to enhance evaporation when drilling holes, removing the base molding, forcing air into the wall cavities is not an option, but before then, we communicate with the customer.

SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas is a trusted industry leader in storm, mold, fire, and water damage restoration. Call us at (214) 361-7887 at any time of the day and allow us to make it “Like it never even happened.”  

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How Do Professionals Combat Odors After a Water Damage Incident to Your Dallas Home?

3/19/2018 (Permalink)

If you are facing water damage in your home, contact SERVPRO for remediation and restoration services right away.

SERVPRO Technicians Provide Many Options to Combat Odors After Water Damage in the Home

An incident of water damage can leave your home with a lingering smell that is quite difficult to eliminate. Thankfully, professional restorations experts have the tools, the technology and the knowledge that enables them to combat these smells with ease.

SERVPRO professionals can use some of the latest, state-of-the-art equipment to eliminate odors after a water damage incident in your Dallas home. Our IICRC certified professionals use a multi-faceted approach to eliminate both real and imaginary odors as soon as they can. Here are a few commonly used techniques that professionals use to combat smells after water damage incident.

Injection method
Small amounts of highly potent deodorant are injected directly into carpets and upholstery using a syringe and a needle. This method is especially useful if it is not possible to remove the carpet or upholstery. The method is also ideal to eliminate pet odors as well.

Direct spraying
SERVPRO technicians can use this technique to apply a spray of a deodorant solution directly onto the affected area. It can also be used to spray disinfectants in case of water damage due to backed up sewer lines as well. The only drawback is that the surface sprayed gets wet after the application of deodorant using this method.

Wet fogging
Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) foggers are instruments that can create tiny particles of a deodorant dissolved in water or a solvent by a process called nebulization. The method generates a very fine deodorant mist that can neutralize even the strongest odors after water damage. The deodorant is in the form of a wet mist, and as a result, the process is often called wet fogging.

Dry fogging
The process of dry fogging is similar to wet fogging with a small difference. Heat is used in dry fogging to generate a fine mist of deodorant particles. As there is no solvent or water involved, the process is often called dry fogging. The method creates microscopic particles of deodorant that can neutralize the odor-causing particles no matter where they are located.

Call SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas today at (214) 361-7887 to know more and talk to one of our restoration experts.

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Restoring a Home with Water Damage in Dallas

2/23/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO responds quickly and thoroughly restores your home after water damage before secondary damage can happen.

Calling SERVPRO after Water Damage Can Prevent Secondary Damage

Events of a disastrous nature can take place in various ways inside the Dallas home. Some of these involve water, and from a myriad of sources. Tubs can overflow when forgotten for only a few minutes, ice makers can develop clogged lines, and rain can enter through windows nobody remembered to close. Incidents involving only small amounts of water can lead many homeowners to incorrectly assume that the situation holds little possibility of becoming a severe problem.

Dallas homes can experience substantial water damage, however, when exposed to even minuscule amounts of moisture. A malfunctioning dehumidifier might not produce the moisture by itself, but if it fails to work as expected, substantial amounts of moisture could remain in the home that should not, under ideal circumstances, exist. It does not require a flood for water damage to develop.

Damage comes in many forms when caused by water. Walls made of drywall sheets can swell while wet and then crumble when dry again. Carpeting can deteriorate and fray when it rots, and the padding can become compressed or jumbled together underneath, creating either depressions or lumpy areas. Microbial activity can significantly increase, as well, leading to severe secondary water damage situations. While homeowners may find it difficult to prevent all of the immediate damage caused by water, they can almost always prevent secondary water damage.

In the case of a basin that overflowed, we remove the water using extraction equipment. For massive amounts of water stemming from broken pipes, we use truck-mounted pumps, but for smaller emergencies, hand-held extraction units usually suffice.

Water wicks in both horizontal and vertical directions, so we use sensory equipment to detect where water traveled. When we finish, we again examine the home's interior using the same equipment to ensure that no moisture exists and that it is "Like it never even happened."

When homeowners react quickly enough to such an event, we can often save drywall by drying it instead of cutting away and replacing waterlogged sections. At SERVPRO, one of our goals is to keep costs low for our customers by restoring materials instead of replacing them. Not only are new materials costly, but the required labor also increases the financial burden significantly.

SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas can be reached at (214) 361-7887 whenever you have an emergency involving water damage. We always ensure that our equipment is in excellent working order and ready to dry out your property.

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Getting Professional Help For Water Removal In Your Dallas Home From A Hidden Bathroom Leak

9/21/2017 (Permalink)

A hidden water leak in your bathroom, if left untreated, can cost you, especially if it leads to serious damage to walls, flooring, and paint.

Professional Water Removal

A hidden water leak in your bathroom, if left untreated, can cost you, especially if it leads to serious damage to walls, flooring, and paint. There are subtle signs you can look for in your Dallas home to figure out whether you need a plumber to fix those leaking fixtures and pipes before things get worse. When you have a massive leak, you need a certified remediation company to help you clean up the damage, such as SERVPRO.

One sign of a hidden leak and the need for professional water removal is a wall which has blistering wallpaper or paint. Most of the time, steam from hot showers in your Dallas home should not cause this to happen. When water and moisture get between the paint and the wall, they stop the bond and start to separate the two, making the paint rise from the wall and all off in bits. It is the same case with wallpaper.

A wall which is warped or stained for no apparent reason is a clear sign of a plumbing leak. Drywall becomes soft and starts to bubble when it is exposed to moisture, eventually warping and breaking up into pieces. If the leak reaches your ceiling, it will sag and could leak some of the accumulated water, causing more damage to your bathroom.

At SERVPRO, our technicians have tools like moisture meters to find any hidden moisture and leaks in your bathroom and to remove any accumulation of water from those leaks. We first figure out what is causing the leak, fix the problem, and eliminate the water with industrial pumps, fans, and dehumidifiers. Quickly drying your bathroom out is important to avoid the growth of mold. Once your bathroom is dry again, repairs are made, including replacing any damaged drywall, and the affected area is sanitized.

Sometimes your flooring can be damaged as well if the leak was bad enough, causing cracking, staining or buckling. Moisture can make your floor feel soft or spongy depending upon the material it is made of. In these cases, you often find a damp subfloor as well. If the problem is found quick enough, we can dry it out and salvage it without having to replace it, but we may need to put new subflooring in as well where the water damaged it.

Don’t hesitate to contact SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas when you believe you have a hidden leak in your bathroom. We are available to help you at any time in the areas of Preston Hollow, Dallas, and Northwest Dallas when you dial (214) 361-7887.

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Water Damage in Your Dallas Kitchen Cabinets

6/19/2017 (Permalink)

If the source of the damage is found and repaired promptly, your kitchen cabinets can be dried and saved.

Don't Let Your Kitchen Cabinets Drown in Water Damage

One of the most problematic parts of your home, when they have been water damaged, are your kitchen cabinets. When damp, cabinets are the perfect place for mold growth. Many times, since cabinetry is expensive, particle board is used as an alternative building material. It is one of the lowest quality building materials on the market for cabinets and can create a nightmarish situation if particle board on the interior experiences exposure to water.

There are a variety of situations that can cause water damage to the cabinets in your Dallas home. Burst pipes inside the wall behind the cabinet and leaky pipes from a sink drain are just a couple of problems that can arise. If detected early, pipe leaks cause the least amount of damage. Burst pipes or flooding can saturate a cabinet totally, sometimes making it irreparable.

Regardless of the reason for the water damage in your kitchen cabinets, the problem needs to be fixed right away, which is where the professionals at SERVPRO come in. We not only find and correct the problem which caused the water damage but also dry the affected cabinets out. Alternatively, if they are so saturated that they cannot be saved, we work with other professionals to get them replaced.

In most cases, the responsible issue for the water damage is not a simple fix. Water travels fast, and it is not likely that the only part of the problem is the one you can easily see. With corroded pipes, for instance, there is a high probability that the pipe is corroded in other places which are not exposed. We search for the problem from the stem up and ensure that adequate repairs are made so that you do not continue to have the same issues in the coming months.

If the source of the damage is found and repaired promptly, your kitchen cabinets can be dried and saved. It is typical for us to remove the cabinets affected so we can implement proper drying of your structure, and put them back when everything is completely dry. We also check your flooring and subflooring, and certain sections of drywall which may have absorbed water and need to be removed or replaced.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

You can rest assured that when you call us at SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas to repair the water damage to your kitchen cabinets that the job is done thoroughly and your kitchen left in its state before the loss happened. You can reach us easily by dialing (214) 361-7887 any time you need.

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Expertly Trained Water Removal Specialists Available In The Northwest Dallas Area

5/8/2017 (Permalink)

Basement flooding occurs far more often than you might think.

Water Removal Specialists

Basement flooding occurs far more often than you might think. Often leaving homeowners to face issues that they simply do not know how to deal with correctly. You may even become tempted to wait, hoping that the problem goes away on its own.

However, waiting is never the correct answer to any problem that exists in your Northwest Dallas home. Besides, water removal services are too readily available for you to avoid making the call. Not to mention the extent of secondary damages that could develop if you make the decision to wait for a miracle. You can easily find out why your basement has flooding issues by contacting a quality environmental solution company, like SERVPRO. Aside from offering quality water removal services and expertly trained personnel, they can help you locate the real problem and provide you with the services you need to get things under control quickly.

At SERVPRO we often find that basement flooding is the result of homes built in unsuitable locations. Grading services can help prevent water drainage issues and flooding frequency that results from erosion over time, making this service a simple fix. SERVPRO technicians also experience situations where blocked gutters, roof damage, or improperly installed drainage systems cause flooding on your property. With the installation of additional drain lines, backflow valves, and sump pumps, we can help keep your basement water-free.

Should you require water removal services in your home, we have the expertly trained technicians and advanced equipment necessary to tackle any size job. Our technicians are IICRC certified, follow EPA and OSHA standards for handling your situation correctly.  We have everything from hand-held to truck mounted water extractors, fast drying equipment, and advanced infrared cameras available to help locate hidden moisture and get things under control quickly. We work hard to ensure your safety and provide you with the services you deserve.

SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas has technicians available 24/7, year round, waiting to respond to your call for help. We manage emergency situations that occur on your property and work hard to make the process as stress-free as possible. Call today for more details (214) 361-7887.

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Tips For Dealing With Residential Water Damage In Dallas

3/25/2017 (Permalink)

Water in a Dallas Basement Leads to Damage without SERVPRO Service

Damage by Water and Flooding Gets a Fast Response from SERVPRO

As much as we try, preparing for every eventual hazard is impossible. However, as a homeowner, there are certain steps you may want to take to keep ahead of the damages that water may cause on your property.

Start by contacting your insurance company and make sure that you have the proper coverage for common issues plaguing your area. We may not be close to the coast, but that does not mean that in Dallas water damage issues pose any less of a threat.
Water damage in your home can be relentless, causing you to face a crisis that most homeowners simply do not prepare themselves for thoroughly. If you are caught off-guard by this type of event, the damage you suffer can be catastrophic.
After making certain that your coverage is correct, take the time to collect all of your valuable financial or personal documents, and place them in a safe, dry location. You can also include high-value art or family heirlooms, just remember to focus on the simple, essential items first.
With that done, put together a quality safety plan for your family to follow during an emergency and even practice every so often to make certain everyone knows their role. Also, contact a local company, like SERVPRO, which can provide you with the emergency services you need during a disaster. It does not hurt to have a relationship with the business you choose before you need them. We offer to customers a mobile app called the ERP, Emergency READY Profile which is of enormous use in the event of a natural disaster, fire, or a water main break.
There are many issues to deal with after a flood in your home, even one caused by a simple appliance malfunction. SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified and have many years of experience dealing with these types of disasters, as well as access to the right equipment to help get your property through a pretty rough situation.
At SERVPRO, we use industrial-grade extraction equipment such as hand-held or truck mounted water extractors of all sizes to help us remove water from even the hardest to reach areas. We also use air movers and dehumidifiers to help keep your indoor air quality pure and prevent mold from developing during your restoration process.
Having a significant water intrusion in your home does not mean that life as you know it has ended. SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas is only a phone call away, contact us today for help with obtaining the services you deserve. (214) 361-7887

Water Damage In Your Northwest Dallas Home

2/15/2017 (Permalink)

Carpets and wood floors are particularly vulnerable to rot and to warp.

Water Damage

Say the word flooding and people first think about creeks overflowing and dams breaking. The reality is that most damage to a home comes from broken pipes, backed-up septic tanks, and other plumbing or drainage failures.

Water damage to a Dallas apartment, condo or house usually comes from one of these. Perhaps it is a drainpipe that has separated from a roof gutter or a leak under a laundry sink in the basement that goes unnoticed for weeks or even months. SERVPRO quickly addresses these issues before drywall begins to crumble or that distinct, musty smell asserts itself in your nose.

Our trained inspectors quickly determine the source and extent of the damage using air moisture meters and probes inserted into drywall. If there is a slow leak, they identify it, and our technicians either patch it or replace the leak at the request of the homeowner. With the leak stopped, restoration procedures begin. Removing standing water is the first step. In most apartments and condos, our response teams use pumps to drain the water in just a matter of hours. Even in larger houses, completion happens in less than a day.

Next, technicians remove water and moisture trapped in floors and walls. Carpets and wood floors are particularly vulnerable to rot and to warp. Technicians use specialized water extraction wands and other tools to heat and vacuum trapped water out of the flooring. These devices are designed to draw out water without causing any harm to the carpet nap or damage the surface of the wood.

Moisture finds its way into drywall and other building materials quickly. Response teams draw it out by placing dehumidifiers and space heaters at points where the moisture levels are at their highest levels. Drywall panels infested with mold are removed and disposed of according to city and state regulations. The surrounding air is dried out as well at the same time. If the overall, inside moisture levels remain high, then the opportunity for mold to expand and grow continues.

Despite a homeowner or renter's best efforts, plumbing failures happen and even go unnoticed. When this happens, contact SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas to help you put your residence back to its original state. Call us at (214) 361-7887 today to for an initial inspection and to get the restoration process started.

Water Damage Issues

6/27/2016 (Permalink)

Our team at SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas will restore your Northpark Center commercial property from water damage!

Issues with Water Damage

When your business has been hit by any water damage, you will want to act quickly to get a professional restoration company like our experienced team at SERVPRO to your property. The process of restoration for commercial water damage is critical, and water damage is one of the most common forms of damage seen in commercial properties. We will use industry-proven techniques for drying out your property to ensure that the most efficient commercial water damage restoration is done. We make sure to reach the moisture that is deep within the walls and floors so that your structure is properly dried out. 

The key to a successful Northpark Center commercial water damage restoration is coordination. Our experienced project managers at SERVPRO are valuable resources during your time of crisis, no matter if it is water damage from pipes that burst, hurricanes, flooding or other natural disasters. Our restoration process for water damage begins the moment you call on us. From commercial water damage to the removal of sewage, we’ll restore your building fast, cost efficiently and professionally. 

We will also work alongside adjusters, building owners, property managers and risk managers to put into place a water damage restoration plan that is seamless with the primary goal of attaining limited interruption for your business. We will work with you individually to figure out the best path for your water damage restoration, including the scope of work, timeframe for recovery and your budget. 

We Can Assist You Any Time You Need 

We understand that time is money, and when it is your business on the line, your livelihood is as well. This is why our commercial water damage restoration professionals give you 24/7 emergency services. We always have our trucks fully stocked and ready to come out to your property, so that we can be on your site quickly in a majority of circumstances. 

Why Choose Us  

  • We will come out quickly with our IICRC-backed and fully trained technicians, any day or time.
  • We have plenty of state of the art, professional grade equipment
  • We’ll give you secure and itemized content storage for all of your equipment, furniture, and appliances
  • We can restore expensive equipment and appliances which some companies cannot
  • We will work with your insurance company so you can concentrate on your business

When disaster strikes your commercial building, it can very much affect the ability of your business to operate effectively as usual. Our team will respond fast and complete the repairs needed to get your business up and running as soon as possible. We understand that this kind of event can be very stressful, so we will take care of your restoration needs and take care of your business. 

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

When your business experiences water damage, call us at SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas at (214) 361-7887 right away so that we can restore your property and you can get back to business as usual. 

Lancaster Water Damage--Insurance Information and Suggestions

4/30/2016 (Permalink)

Water Covering Lancaster Living Room Needs Extraction from SERVPRO

SERVPRO Works with Insurance Companies to Restore Your Lancaster Property Water Damage

Experiencing water damage to your home can be stressful and expensive. It is always in your best interest to have water removal in Lancaster done as soon as possible to prevent further damages to your home and therefore save as much money as possible. Understanding some common water damage situations beforehand and what your insurance company may cover will be very helpful in case you do experience this type of problem.

The pipes in your home freeze and burst, leaving your floor covered in six inches of water.
You will be covered under your insurance for the water damage done by the water from burst pipes. However, most policies won’t cover you if you’ve left your home without heat and unoccupied. Your claim will be denied in this case since you haven’t performed the upkeep that is necessary to prevent this accident.

Your backyard pool leaks, flooding your basement and ruining your manicured lawn.
The damages done to your basement and property are covered, but your lawn is not. Your turf can be covered under a particular named perils such as explosion, aircraft, riot, fire, vandalism and vehicles which you do not own. The coverage for plants and lawns is typically quite small, around $500. Swimming pool leaks themselves are not covered, but if the leak occurred because of a falling tree, it would be covered.

Your basement is flooded due to your washing machine overflowing.
You have coverage in this instance.  However, it will depend on upon how your insurance company views what happened. For example, did you not maintain your washer correctly, or did the flood occur from accidental, sudden damage? Water from a broken appliance is covered. This is seldom an issue for denial of a claim.

Your basement becomes flooded due to a sewer backup.
Standard home insurance policies won’t cover sewer backups, and a lot of them specifically exclude such incidents. At an added cost, special endorsements or riders are available for drains and sewers.
Your interior and foundation are damaged due to water seeping from the ground into your basement. Your insurance will not cover this type of harm, as seepage is considered a maintenance problem instead of sudden and accidental damage. You will be on your own for Lancaster water removal in this case.
Water leaks through your roof during a heavy rainstorm, damaging your roof and furniture.
You can be partially covered in this scenario. Since it is a home maintenance issue, you probably won’t be covered for roof repairs. However, the water damage to your home is covered, including damage to your furniture and interior structure.

A flash flood occurs in your living room due to a nearby river or lake overflowing its banks.
You won’t be covered, as home insurance doesn’t cover flood damage. You have to purchase separate flood insurance for this. In Texas, especially in the Dallas and Houston vicinities, flood insurance gives peace of mind to homeowners. The location of your property will indicate your "flood zone," for pricing and availability of flood insurance.

No matter how the Lancaster water damage occurred, it behooves you to get it taken care of right away to avoid further secondary water damages, lessen the opportunity for mold growth, and to lower your out-of-pocket costs. SERVPRO is a preferred vendor for many insurance and property management companies. Check with your agent and go with this premier company. Documented damage, on a room-by-room basis, will help with your insurance claim while also reducing your stress. Place your trust here and rely on 24/7 emergency service. Make sure to contact SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas right away at (214) 361-7887 if you experience any water damage.

How Professionals Handle Water Damage in Dallas

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Don't Let Water Damage Break Your Heart--Call SERVPRO

Dallas Water Damage Is Restored by SERVPRO

Dallas water damage, for the professionals, is a process that can be handled in an efficient manner. From the minute you contact them, an expert will guide you through this water damaging emergency. The SERVPRO representative will ask you a series of questions when you call our facility to better understand how to help you and your individual situation. Under certain circumstances, we can dispatch vehicles and equipment to mitigate water damage on the fly.

Professionals Conduct Water Damage Assessment
Your property will go through a detailed inspection which will include a damage assessment. Water Damage Restoration Professionals from SERVPRO will assess the damage and develop an action plan to meet your needs. They will check for the source of the water and stop if before they begin the drying process. This effort will include a check for contaminated water and identifying the type of water. Also, they will look for safety concerns and other issues, like asbestos or lead exposure. After surveying the damage, they will generate a content inspection report called the CCIS. This report provides a room by room inventory of all water damaged possessions and building materials. They will be documented as salvageable, non-salvageable, or questionable.

Professionals Remove the Water
The water extraction will immediately begin to remove most of the water from your home or property. This can also help reduce the drying time and prevent mold growth. We have equipment like powerful pumps and industrial vacuum units that can quickly remove thousands of gallons of water from your property. They will also safely discard water damaged carpet and other items that cannot be restored.

Professional water damage restoration experts can use moisture detectors to determine the level of relative humidity. They may use infrared cameras or hygrometers to find water behind walls and ceilings.

Drying the Water Damage
Our experts will use dehumidification equipment and monitoring devices to ensure floors, walls, furnishings, and hidden pockets are dry. They will check moisture levels to determine when your home is completely dry. Professionals have industrial dehumidifiers that prevent warping and other water damage by quickly drying out your home. High-speed air movers create airflow that accelerates the evaporation of moisture.

Cleaning Your Home after Water Damage
After water damage, your walls, floors, and other surfaces will need professional cleaning treatments. Our technicians will clean your belongings, furniture, upholstery, clothing, and personal items damaged by water. We can also pack-out possessions to our facility for precise drying and return the items when your water damaged Dallas home is once again dry. Flooding and water damage may require antifungal, antimicrobial, and odor removal treatments.

Water Damage Professionals from SERVPRO can also restore your home or business back to its pre-loss condition "Like it never even happened." It may involve minor or major repairs like replacing drywall, flooring, or installing carpet. Replacement is the last option as we try to minimize your costs as we get you and your family back home as soon as possible.

We’re Highly Trained Water Damage Specialists

As water damage specialists, SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas has the experience, expertise, and advanced training that enables us to get your Dallas home dried quickly and thoroughly. Call us for 24/7 emergency assistance. (214) 361-7887

Why A Water Leak & Water Damage is So Severe in Seagoville

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Water damage is a very serious issue that should never go unnoticed.

The Severity of Water Damage In Seagoville Residential Homes

Water Damage 101

Water damage is a serious household issue that can compromise the structural integrity of your residential property. However, learning more about Seagoville water damage and restoration options can help prevent you from losing your sanity and financial security when disaster strikes. Attain the information you need on this important matter by reviewing the short outline found below:

 Water Damage Basics

 Water damage in Seagoville is an issue that transpires when excess water populates an individual's property. The water damage can result from a wide range of factors, some of which include:

 • Flooding

• Poor ventilation

• Leaking pipes

• Roof leakages

• Excessive humidity

• Damp basements

• Damp carpets

 Water damage is problematic for numerous reasons, including the fact that it can ruin things like your wallpaper and important documents. Additionally, category 3 water damage can leave your home with a terrible odor that compromises your ability to feel comfortable in the living space.

 Water Damage And Mold Growth

 In addition to ruining household structures and materials, Seagoville water damage can also result in the rise of mold growth on your property. 

 Why You Should Avoid DIY Projects

 In many cases, residential property owners realize that their homes have been impacted by water damage. In response, they seek to start cleaning the property up immediately and on their own. Don't ever pursue this course of action. Attempting a DIY project is dangerous for numerous reasons, including the fact that there are hidden health and safety hazards that you are likely unaware of. If you seek to start the cleanup process on your own, you could increase your susceptibility to an unwanted injury or illness.

 Finding The Right Water Damage Restoration Company

 Once water damage has impacted your property, it's important that you find the right restoration company to fix the issue. The best remediation experts are those who possess IICRC certification. Also, look for a team of professionals who will offer 24/7 emergency services, reasonable prices, and stellar customer service.

 If you find that your residential property has been affected by water damage, don't panic. Instead, call the trusted professionals of SERVPRO. Our IICRC-certified professionals possess the experience, education, and equipment necessary to expedite the home recovery process.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

 As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas is strategically located to respond quickly to your flood and water emergency event. When water damage occurs in Lancaster, Fort Worth, or Dallas, we have the resources and personnel to help. Call us today! (214) 361-7887

How a Water Damage Extraction Company Like SERVPRO Can Help Your Home in Dallas

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Don't Float Away, Call SERVPRO

Who to Call When Your Home in Dallas Has Suffered Water Damage--SERVPRO

One of the most challenging situations for homeowners in Dallas to deal with is water damage. In addition to potentially destroying your electrical system and house structure, water damage can result in the onset of mold growth that compromises your family's health. Additionally, this secondary water damage can leave your most prized personal possessions unsalvageable. For this reason, it's critically important to contact a professional water extraction company once your property is subjected to water damage. SERVPRO possesses experienced, well-trained technicians and state-of-the-art equipment to prevent secondary water damage. From water removal to completion of the restoration process, the effort is professionally aimed at helping you.

Preventing Mold and Mildew Growth

Standing water and excessive moisture are conducive conditions for the growth and expansion of mold and mildew in your Dallas home. Unfortunately, the moist, warm environment created by water damage creates an ideal environment for mold to thrive in. Moreover, the mold can start to grow and thrive on your property within 48-72 hours following a flood or fire. If this happens, the mold can cause health complications such as respiratory problems, asthma, and lung complications. Mold, given enough time, can also break-down the cellulose building materials of your house causing more expensive repairs. Although mold growth can become a difficult problem to your property in Dallas if given the chance, SERVPRO will remove excess water from the house and thereby prevent or greatly mitigate secondary water damage. Some of the specialized equipment the company's professionals will use to realize this objective include air-moving machines and industrial-grade dehumidifiers.

Repairing Structural Damage

Another reason that it's important and advantageous to call a professional water remediation company pertains to structural damage. Unfortunately, excess water can cause serious issues such as warped walls, sagging ceilings, and a weakening of your property's wood framing.  Our specialists are highly skilled in repairing certain aspects of the structural damage that result from the flood or fire. Of course, the key is to minimize damage by executing superior water removal.

When you're ready to secure professional water damage restoration services for your Dallas home, trust the talented technicians of SERVPRO. Our team possesses extensive industry experience and specializes in optimizing and expediting the drying process. We offer round the clock emergency services and affordable prices.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas is locally owned and operated—so we are part of this Dallas community too. Call us for help and an immediate response. (214) 361-7887

What Is Dallas Water Damage Remediation?

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Getting your home dry is just one small element of the total water damage remediation process.

What is water damage remediation?

Dallas Water damage remediation is a term used to refer to the process of repairing and restoring a home after an event that resulted in water damage, such as a flood or fire. Numerous aspects of your home can be impacted by water damage, and it's critical that you act fast if you want to prevent further structural damage. Secondary water damage in Dallas can be extensive and severe and may even present a threat to the health of you and your family. In order to prevent this, it's recommended to hire a water damage remediation service so these professionals can get to work on restoring you home as soon as possible. 

Water Damage Remediation Dries Your Home

Following a flood or house fire, thoroughly drying out your home is the most critical part of the Dallas water damage remediation process. This is so important because significant additional damage can occur as a result of secondary water damage. This can include the growth of mold and mildew and the development of spores, which can be a serious threat to your health. It can also cause wood to warp and rot, creating a safety hazard, and moist wood also encourages termites. The most effective way to protect against this is to ensure that your home is dried as thoroughly and quickly as possible. This can be done using dehumidifiers, wet-dry vacs and air movers. Air movers support evaporation through constant airflow, dehumidifiers pull moisture from the air and vacuums can be used to get rid of puddles and excess water. 

Hire a Water Damage Remediation Professional

Getting your home dry is just one small element of the total water damage remediation process. Any event that results in water damage can destroy property, cause bacterial and parasitic contamination and often requires working with your homeowner's insurance company. By hiring a water damage remediation service, you will have several contractors working on various aspects of your home at once to help speed up the restoration process and get you back into your home sooner. If you neglect this essential step, mold, mildew and other hazardous substances can develop in the areas of your home that you never see, such as inside walls and ceilings, beneath carpet, behind baseboards and inside of crawlspaces. 

Be Sure Your Homeowner's Insurance Policy Covers Water Damage Remediation

In many cases, homeowner's insurance companies will pay for any water damage remediation in Dallas or other repair work you have done on your house. However, this can depend strongly on where you live, which insurance carrier you purchased your policy from and the exact terms and conditions of your policy. To find out whether your insurance policy covers all or part of the cost of cleanup after water damage, you should contact your provider.

Water damage remediation is an extremely important step to take following a flood, house fire or other event that causes water damage to your home. Standing puddles of water can prove extremely hazardous and can promote the formation of mold, mildew and their spores as well as other substances that threaten the health of you and your family. It's imperative that you begin thoroughly drying your home immediately after water damage has occurred, and hiring a water damage remediation service to do it for you is the best choice you can make. To find out more about water damage remediation, please call your homeowner's insurance carrier.

Water Damage Restoration

Basement flooding or storm damage doesn't wait for regular business hours and neither do we. We respond to your residential or commercial water removal and cleanup needs. Our fast response time and advanced drying methods help prevent secondary damage and mold. Common causes of water damage are:

When you are dealing with your Chicago water damage, immediate action is crucial. SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas responds immediately and use advanced equipment and techniques to remove water quickly. The drying process is closely monitored and documented to verify your property is dried properly and thoroughly. We are standing by 24/7 to help remediate any water damage emergency you might encounter. Call (214) 361-7887 and we will be on our way.