Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Dallas Safe and Clean Mold Remediation

Mold is never an invited guest into the home of a Dallas property owner. If our SERVPRO crew is called upon to remediate the mold damage and the odors caused by... READ MORE

Damp Basements and Leaks Cause Mold Infestations in Dallas

Structures below ground level naturally absorb moisture from the surrounding soil. This dampness can lead to mold growths that can become very significant requi... READ MORE

Mold Damage from Unwanted Water in Dallas

Moisture from a leak creates a conducive condition for the development of mold in cellulose-based materials. This can include carpet fibers, plywood and wood fl... READ MORE

Mold Inside a Wall

The opened up wall reveals a mold infestation in this Northwest Dallas Home. Water leakage from a line caused the dormant mold spores to develop into large mold... READ MORE

A Dallas Moldy Closet

When a closet has damp clothing and poor ventilation, mold growth is a common occurrence. These fungi harm the baseboard, walls, and also the clothing, all pote... READ MORE

Preston Hollow Mold Damage in a Garage

The sink supply line was leaking, and there were several foundation cracks in the block foundation. The moisture built up, and the dormant mold spores began to ... READ MORE