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What are the Steps Needed to Restore Flood Damaged Dallas Homes?

4/10/2020 (Permalink)

knee high water in living and dining room When floods affect your property, you might need an experienced hand to guide the recovery process.

SERVPRO Shares Factors to Consider During Flood Damage Cleanup in Dallas

After a flood damage experience, it is essential to work with professionals to restore and clean up your property. Shelves, closets, floors, and walls are some of the areas that need thorough washing and disinfection. We follow a specific order during the cleanup process, which means some areas or items have to wait until certain places or contents have been restored. Given that this September is the National Preparedness Month (NPM), we are taking this chance to guide Dallas residents on how to make the right decisions.

From Walls to Furniture and Electronics, SERVPRO Knows Water Damage Restoration

The procedures that our SERVPRO technicians use when cleaning the walls during flood damage restoration in Dallas depends on the type of wall. In some cases, we may be forced to remove the plaster or wallboard before the cleaning process starts. After that, we wash the sills and studs and disinfect them to reduce the chances of mold growth.
When we are cleaning your furniture, we are careful not to force open swollen drawers and doors. We first let the furniture dry for easy opening. In most cases, wood veneer warps and separated, though it is possible to repair and clean solid wood furniture. We may also recommend a replacement when we come across upholstered furniture that is heavily soaked up with contaminated flood waters.
Some electrical appliances such as radios and TV sets may present unexpected dangers such as electrical shock even when they are unplugged. It is a possibility for some of their parts store electricity - our SERVPRO technicians understand this and are careful when handling such items during the cleaning process. We can grease moving parts such as pulleys and motors - which is applicable when cleaning washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and dishwashers. With the help of moisture displacement sprays, we can clean electrical switches and contacts. We watch out of damaged or stripped wire insulation and make sure all appliances are correctly grounded.  

Steps That Improve Flood Damage Removal in Dallas

Floods can happen in different ways including sustained downpour that leads to rising water reaching unwanted areas in your Dallas property. Flash floods could also happen when it rains in a different area if your property lies on the flow path of the floodwaters. All incidents of flooding cause damages, but the extent might differ depending on the cause. We offer professional restoration that includes structural drying, mold prevention, and remediation, among other services.

Recovery from flood damage removal in Dallas involves different steps, so it is essential to prioritize specific steps. Doing so helps reduce the chances of secondary damage or quickens the process altogether. What causes the incident plays a role in what you are likely to prioritize. Incidents involving rising water may require removal of items to a high section in the same property, or an offsite storage facility. In case of short-term, but torrential downpour that floods the property, extracting the water helps protect contents from additional damage and reduces the overall time it takes to restore the property. Our SERVPRO technicians are equipped with high capacity water extractors and pumps. We also handle move outs easily.

SERVPRO Knows How to Safely Remove Floodwater in Dallas

Floodwaters contain a wide range of contaminants from the simple silt and mud to the more dangerous ones like raw sewage and industrial toxins collected as the water flows over different locations. Since removing the water does not remove these contaminants automatically, there is a need to take specific steps to deal with the contaminants. Our SERVPRO technicians use various approaches to achieve the intended goal. We spray EPA-registered disinfectants immediately after arriving at the damaged property. We also use power washers to remove soils and debris mechanically or professional cleaning agents for chemical removal.

Floodwaters reach all nooks and crannies in the affected property. Most of it pools in open areas where removal through extraction is easy. However, some of the water reaches hidden sections in the property including wall cavities, below floorboards among other areas. Removal in such cases requires more than just a pump. Our SERVPRO crews utilize different techniques including performing flood cuts and drilling weep holes among other steps that help ease access to the floodwater.

When floods affect your property, you might need an experienced hand to guide the recovery process. Call SERVPRO of Northwest Dallas at (214) 361-7887 to help you. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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